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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where? Where is that? Really? There is a resto there? You mean that building? Cool! ... that was my reaction and how my conversation went with how I came to discover FLAVOURS by CHEF FHAM.

 FLAVOURS by CHEF FHAM is on the third floor of the building right infront of ILL TERRAZO in TOMAS MORATO. You won't really know that this building is a foodie heaven. With a handful of restaurants, FLAVOURS by CHEF FHAM stands out.
 Once you get on the third floor, you would notice a small sized establishment with a lot of al fresco seats. Going here for lunch is a little bit problematic if its summer. Believe me though, that night time would be awesome here. I could imagine myself drinking a cold one while eating CHEF FHAM'S creations. They offer comfort food. From breakfast favorites to different snacks and pulutan to share with the gang.

 CHEF FHAM was actually one of the chef that started HATCH 22. I was a bit surprised with this restaurant as it was different from HATCH 22. The food here is inspired and they try to do everything from scratch. CHEF FHAM and her family bakes and makes everything daily so you would know that the food is fresh. I like that.

We started off with some drinks. THE MINT ICED TEA is perfect for the iced tea lovers. For the summer, the CUCUMBER LEMONADE is refreshing and the flavor blends perfectly. Not too sour.

 THE NACHORILLA (185Php) is made from scratch. The chips are crunchy and not those bought from the store. The texture compliments the toppings pretty well.
 I liked this dish. Perfect for a snack.

 SIZZLING SISIG (180Php). For me, this sisig version is a little too oily and fatty. Made with a lot of different things from a pig like ears and other yummy parts, this dish is definitely rich.

 Another dish that would be perfect for anyone is the FISH and CHIPS (190Php)
 GENEROUS serving of fish and fries. The Fish batter could be improved more in my opinion but the fries underneath are just perfect. Hand cut potatoes fresh from the kitchen. I loved it. I couldn't stop myself from getting more. 

For desserts, we were able to try out two variants of their toast. They make their bread fresh everyday and are quite fluffy and delicious.

 BANOFFEE HONEY TOAST. Brioche bread made fresh daily toasted to perfection with awesome dessert toppings. This tasted more on the coffee side. Delicious if you are into coffee.

 MINT NUTELLA HONEY TOAST- This is inspired. Mint with nutella would make chocolate lovers drool over and over again. I liked this one!

Don't forget to follow their INSTAGRAM account. @FLAVOURSPH
Follow them and mention my blog and you could get a free dessert toast. Now isn't that a treat!!!! Just inquire with them what dessert would be serve!!! COOL!!!!!


The price is just right for the quality. Actually, it is quite affordable for the place and reasonable for the taste. It would be nice to chill and relax here during the night with friends. I would definitely return to bring my friends to this hidden chill place.

Mon - Thurs:
Fri - Sat:
Sct. Madrinan cor Tomas Morato Avenue, 1103
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this post based on my experience. Was invited to try out the restaurant.

FLAVOURS BY CHEF FHAM is on the third floor of this building. It is right infront of ILL TERRAZO.
Parking is pretty much free right infront.
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