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Monday, June 8, 2015

When drinks and chilling is needed one place comes into mind. SKULL & BONES in UP Town Center is the perfect place to unwind and have a cold one. 

Homey. That was my first impression of SKULL & BONES.

Aside from the comfy couches and laid back seats, they also have a secret room at the back.

It's no ordinary room, it's their DRINKING room. You could play different games in this place like: Beer Pong, Beer Bong, Flip Cup, and Battle Shots. There's no renting fee for it. Definitely extra service.

To start off the party, they have cool cocktails. One of them is the GUMMI BEAR. This vodka spiked drink tastes just like the the real deal. They also have non-alcoholic ones so no need to worry about drinking and driving.

Pica pica or finger foods are abundant. You could go with a pile of CURLY FRIES (110Php). Plain like this or with cheese toppings or with mushroom gravy cheese (220/250Php).

Another popular choice is the NACHOS. You could pick 3 versions. Pulled Pork (380Php), Pulled Chicken (380Php), or Vegetarian (320Php)
Snacks are reintroduced and reinvented here at SKULL & BONES to make them into full pledged meals. CHEF Cuit made it sure to titillate our taste buds. With a track record of Nolita, Borough, LES Bagels, and The Bowery in Bgc, Chef Cuit can definitely entertain us with his kind of comfort food.

Basically, the menu is divided into 3 main "snacks". BURRITOS, BURGERS and DOGS. They also have grub, salads and ramen just so that you have variety. 

What makes their burritos different from the local fast food version, is that they are all freshly made. No artificial flavoring and none of that nasty after taste. From the MORNING AFTER (330Php) to the STEAK CHIMICHURRI (420Php), you could definitely feel the heaviness of each one. It's a complete meal in itself.

With vegetarians in mind, the POPEYE BURRITO (340Php) is offered. Made with brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, mozzarella, monterrey jack cheese. The greenish tone is because of the spinach tortilla wrapper that was used.

For sausage lovers, they offer DOGS of different kind. Beef Pork Frankfurter to Homemade Chicken Sausages and all beef dogs are used. 

The Cubano Dog or PITBULL (300Php) is more of a renegade dog if you ask me. It has swiss cheese, smoked ham, chopped pickles and onions, sliced jalapenos, garlic lemon ailoi on a griddle pressed brioche bun. Lined with mustard, it gives the dog more flavor.

A thing of beauty is the SUPER MARIO (300Php). This baby right here can make you look for Luigi. Fried and breaded chicken sausage is used. Sauteed peppers and onions and extra virgin olive oil are evenly distributed on the dog. Mozzarella, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce is on top along with fresh parsley. Brioche bun is used. 

Their burgers are a thing of beauty. I have not seen a list of creatively named burgers with different toppings to properly describe each and everyone.

A crowd favorite. The DIRTY SOUTH (280Php). Rice Krispies used as a batter for the fried chicken patty was genius. The Krispies made sure that it was crunchy and at the same time has a little sweet flavor with every bite.

Another burger that stands out would be the MACGRUBER-GER (320Php). An all beef patty, with sauteed mushrooms, and fried noodles on top. The addition of monterrey jack gives it a cheesy texture.

If you're looking for something more familiar, you could go for their GRILLED CHEESE BURGER (320Php). All beef patty with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Just like how grilled cheese is made.

If you're into pasta or noodles, you could have a go at their DORM ROOM RAMEN or their classic mac and cheese.

 The TRAILER PARK MAC & CHEESE (290Php) is just like the Kraft version. Adding crackers gives it a bite. The different cheese used could make you swoon in enjoyment if you're a cheese lover like me.

Their Ramen could be a choice between GINGERED PORK (200Php), SPICY BEEF (200Php) and MISO VEGGIE (150Php). These ramen like here have rich flavor even if NO MSG were used to make them. It's like having those instant ramen but more nutritious and delicious.

THE DESSERT served is a reminisce of old school glory days. Pop Tarts, Twinkies and creations like FLUFFERNUTTER (100Php) and FLUFFERNUTTELLER (140Php) can make you jump for joy. As classics are reinvented.
Think sweet and delicious. A dessert is made into something familiar yet completely different.

More than the place, it's the food and the drinks that makes hanging out with friends worth it. SKULL & BONES in UP TOWN CENTER by CHEF Cuit Kauffman is definitely the place to relax and enjoy good grub. Admittedly, it may be a little pricey with a meal going as high as 400 Php. I guess it's a price to pay seeing how you could relax and enjoy good food.

Katipunan, Quezon City,
Metro Manila


Disclaimer: Was invited to try out the dishes. Wrote this based on my experience.
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    1. NYahahahahaha!! Let's eat??? SKULL and BONES is a chill place so it's a great tambayan place. Not too noisy and just chill.