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Monday, July 6, 2015

ALAB by Chef Tatung is the new kid in town. New because of the resourcefulness and the flavors the restaurant gives off. ALAB or BLAZE gives off this flaming desire to deliver amazing Filipino Food.

The interiors are just amazing. Clean, simple and straight forward.
It houses a lot of private dinning rooms for small gatherings. I like how everything is spanking new and has a refreshing theme.

Drinks were refreshing and not too sweet.

Special fried rice like TATUNG'S and ALIGUE (180Php) are welcome but I would suggest just going for the plain rice to better taste the dishes.

The TINUMOK (150Php) is like laing for me. It is coconut noodles wrapped in taro leaves. Coconut cream and bagoong alamang on top.

The CHICKEN in ROASTED COCONUT SAUCE (440Php) is something different. It is not often that you see chicken with roasted coconut cream sauce. I love this!!!

ADOBONG PULA (280Php) is your old school adobo. Chicken and pork are both used for this oldest documented version of adobo.

It has been ages since I had this dish. The KALDERETANG KAMBING with quezo de bola. (680Php). Goat meat for the win in a mix of tomato sauce. Freaking good with the quezo de bola.

The KARE KARE (450Php) defines classic old school. It is made up of ground toasted rice and peanuts. The way our grandma's used to make. This is heaven.

I do not eat Monggo and yet, I found myself getting some more of this GINATAANG MONGGO (80Php). Coconut milk broth with smoked fish flakes. This is perfect to mix with your rice... DELISH!!!

Something different is their DINUGUAN SAUSAGE (260Php). It is like blood sausage but based on dinuguan. Charred and goes well with the vinegar.

You can't go wrong with their ROASTED CRISPY PATA (580Php). The skin is crispy and the meat is moist and tender. The liver sauce is homemade and deadly. This is perfect with rice as with all their dishes.

If the crispy pata isn't your thing, you could go for the SLOW ROASTED LECHON BELLY (540Php). Melt in your mouth pork belly. Slow roasted for 6 hours with a honey sauce on top. Damn rice!!!
The SUGPO sa PALAPA (560Php) is a dish made of prawns with spicy palapa. It is a Maranao spice mix made with sakurab. Something from Mindanao. It is enriched with crab fat. The sauce is ulam na. Perfect rice combination.

The feast doesn't stop there. For dessert, they have a lot to offer.

They have homemade ice cream with flavors like LAING, KAMOTE Q and QUEZO de BOLA.
The laing flavor isn't over powering. The quezo de bola and the kamote q is just awesome.

The PICHI PICHI with QUEZO de BOLA is just amazing! (130Php). Bite after bite, I couldn't stop myself. Screw calories this is love.
Another favorite is the BIBINGKA CHEESECAKE (150Php). This is kinda weird. IT mixed 2 things of different background but it totally works. Moist inside with the cheese at the back and bibingka right in the middle.

Needless to say, it was a pleasant experience dining in ALAB. I went there twice. The first time was amazing with everything. The next day, I was a little disappointed because most of the best sellers were sold out. My family and I arrived around 1pm. Yet, I still enjoyed the lunch with their "normal" dishes. Price wise, I believe that if you know how to budget, it could go a long way. Dishes are to share for 1-2 persons. I would suggest going for the monggo, adobo, tinumok, the chicken with the roasted coconut sauce, and pick a heavy dish. Believe me you won't regret any orders. Just go there on an off-peak time. The service would definitely be better and faster.

Also, try their coffee. It definitely wakes you up. Don't forget dessert.

67 Scout Rallos near Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(3649631 / 9621176)

Near Shakey's

Disclaimer: was invited to try out the place. Went the next day and paid for our meals. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. They have interesting ice cream choices! Laing? How the heck? Hehe!

    Jhanz |

  2. Weird right? Although the flavor wasn't that deep. It was mild so it's worth a try