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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This place started it all. MARIO'S. When you ask your parents and even your grandparents, I know that MARIO'S has been there for their date nights. Special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and even proposals. Those were the days.

Mario's has been reinventing itself since it has been in Manila for roughly 40 plus years. They have kept working on their favorites and is trying to make new ones.

One day, we got a sneak peak into something they are trying out. BUT FIRST, you got to have their CAESAR SALAD. Fresh veggies and an amazing dressing, you could eat this up even if you are super full. They prepare this table side. MARIO'S has been one of the first to do this.

To start things off, we got a piece of their pasta. The PENNE with ARUGULA-CASHEW PESTO CREAM and GRILLED CHICKEN (350Php).
The pesto sauce didn't overpower the entire dish. The nuts was a perfect combination. The chicken were moist and a nice touch.

If you are into curry, you would love these BABY PRAWNS in CREAMY SAUCE (650PHP).
Simple and not too spicy.

An IG worthy dish is the BROILED HALIBUT with CHUNKY MANGO-TOMATO SAUCE (900Php)
The vibrant color of the dish goes well with every bite of the fish. 

Another seafood dish is the BLUE MARLIN with stewed tomato, basil and olives (575). The simple pasta dish accompanies the fish very well.

For meat lovers like me, I am grateful for the next two dishes. 

The ROAST PORK TENDERLOIN with GRILLED APPLES (550PHP) is surprisingly good. I love how soft the meat is. The sweetness of the apple carries this dish pretty well.

For me though, this is my top pick. The STEAK MADEIRA (675Php). It is accompanied with creamy penne, spinach and shitake mushrooms.
The huge steak is amazingly priced. Usually this dish would cost a few thousand at a hotel but at MARIO's it is priced fairly. The pasta is cooked right. Although a little too buttery, it is great with the steak. Order this medium rare!!!!

Frankly, the dishes cost a little more than the usual restaurant. Even if such is the case, you pay for the ambiance and the service. Compared to a hotel, MARIO'S is a nice setting for a power lunch or a meeting. I enjoyed the meat dishes and I would be going back for more.. Next time around, it would be with my parents.

Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out these dishes. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. This is a great restaurant to celerbate a special occasion. Food presentations are all IG-worthy! With high prices, I guess you would really dine in here to impress someone with both the food and the ambiance. :)

    1. Definitely, Mario's is that kind of place... A place to impress someone hehehe

  2. Looks like a great place to eat! I work just nearby, I would definitely suggest this place to my friends. :)

    1. It is Jhanz.. Mario's is a nice place to chill and relax and do some power lunch meeting.

  3. Im glad that i found your blog jeng! This is really worth reading, that steak! OH that steak. If ill be looking for a posh place to eat 'round metro, i'll hop here in your blog! :)

  4. Yeah the steak is pretty affordable... Love it... For a place like Mario's it is a steal ^^