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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Couple of weeks back, I was able to visit BORACAY for a little RnR. I chose to keep my stay short and sweet but relaxing. When it comes to that, I know that SHANGRI-LA BORACAY is the place to be. They know how to handle everything. They anticipate your needs to make your experience wonderful and fun filled. You can check out how SHANGRILA BORACAY handle transfers here and compare it to other services.

A huge property, SHANGRILA BORACAY is around 12.5 hectares. Perfect for that privacy you long for.
The lobby is on  the 4th floor of the main building. It is open air and nicely configured based on local designs.
Money is not a problem. They really went above and beyond. You get that open mouth feeling when you first see everything. WOW!
The view from the top. This leads to one of Shangrila's Beach front and pool area.
SHANGRILA BORACAY has 2 beach front and it is just amazing. They share one with another resort while the other is just for them.

The 4 buildings on the lower part are your hotel type rooms. While those on top are your lofts with individual lap pools. Impressive.
 SHANGRI-LA's own dock. When the waves allows it, their boat docks here directly from Caticlan.
When you arrive, you are guided to where you check in. You don't line up but rather seat down on comfy couches and have a one on one chat with the welcoming staff. They brief you and inform you of the activities available daily. Ask for a signature and you're done.

They then bring you to your room or villa for a little tour and intro.

In our case, we were led to our room by LOURDES. She was really helpful in giving advices and tips on what to do in the resort and of course in BORACAY.
Once we entered, we were at awe. This entry level room could be compared to suites of other 5 star hotels in Manila. Around 63 sq m, it has it's own couch area, study table and a balcony with daybed.
Cabinets on the left and a huge bathroom on the right.
The room was pretty spacious has natural tones. Flat screen tv with all the cable channels you would want.
A fruit platter they replenish daily.
Water bottles and an ice container is provided and is complimentary. If you run out of water and ice, just give them a call and they could bring some for you.

Well Stocked bar.
Complimentary coffee and Dilmah tea.
Closet with all the essentials. Like rubber flipflops, huge bathrobes, iron board, and other needs.

The study table with an ipod dock and other sockets. They provided ethernet cable for laptop use and also have WIFI all around the place with speeds of 10-12 MBPS. Sweet.

It then opens to the balcony. Remember that when you open the sliding door, the a/c turns off automatically.
Excellent couch...Why? Well I slept on it for two nights. =)
and of course the bed.
The washroom is huge as well.

A bath tub that has a window that looks straight to the tv.
You would be glad to know that the water pressure was perfect.
Unfortunately, no bidet for their washroom.
Shampoos, lotion and conditioner were placed in refillable bottles. Great for the environment. Everything that you would need is here.
What I also liked about the whole SHANGRILA EXPERIENCE is their turn down service.
They fix the bed for you and place a snack too. Aside from that, they have a linen on the side of your bed just so that your feet won't touch the cold floor in the middle of the night.

Also, did I mention that their wake up call comes with a pot of complimentary coffee or tea?
Definitely luxurious.

I can't stop saying how I am impressed with everything. From the facilities to the staff, Shangrila Boracay anticipate and delivers. 

The sleep quality was excellent and the facilities top notch. Next up, Things to do in Shangrila.

Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines
(036) 288 4988
(63 2) 841 9686 


Disclaimer: Paid for our stay. Wrote this based on my experience. :D :D :D
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  1. Whoa, entry level pa lang pala yung room grabe ang laki at ang ganda na. What more pa kaya ang upgraded. The ambiance looked impressive so it's hard to decide if you're going to stay inside or outside because the view is as great.

    1. Yeah... their entry level rooms are quite spacious and definitely luxurious. I'm happy with the rooms and the quality of care they give. I wanted to just stay in the room all day/.

  2. Ba't ang liit ng couple pic?!? Grabe ang ganda! Madala nga diyan si boyfie soon. :)

    1. nyahahaha go for it... Shangrila boracay is a nice place to visit

  3. Wow! You're right, their entry level room could rival superior room of other hotels. Ang ganda! :)

    1. Definitely. Shangrila Boracay definitely increases the bar.