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Friday, July 10, 2015

It looks and feel the same but there must be something new. Quick and easy. That was the vibe I was getting. The last time I went to CHUBBY CHICKEN was a couple of years back. It was a time when I was looking for myself. Trying to figure out certain things and I needed a quick fix. CHUBBY CHICKEN delivered. No frills just straight up quick food. 

Located near the ATENEO, CHUBBY CHICKEN is a known hungout place of students. They offer delicious meals at affordable prices and a place to get things done. Like projects, last minute papers and those mini thesis. 

As you enter, you are greeted by a huge freedom board. Messages posted. Graduation pictures and even student ids were pinned up. Kinda let's you blow off your steam when you read the messages. Funny and sometimes down right cool. Go ahead and pin one up. Don't worry they don't throw them away.

The place is simple and straight forward. Order up and the food is delivered to your table.

For drinks, you would be glad to know that they have some that aren't readily available to the general public here in Manila. From Dr Pepper, Coke Vanilla, Coke life and old school A & W.

and Yes, you make your own root bear float here. (A&W Rootbeer Float 95Php)

While waiting for our main dishes, we had some fries to munch on. Cheese Fries (100/150Php) The garlic sauce was something familiar and the cheese underneath blends well together. I found myself getting some over and over again. Tasty.

CARBONARA (105Php). This creamy pasta dish is almost the same as those you get in parties except that it is uberly buttery and lovely. IF I wasn't watching my weight, I would have finished this all by myself.

Of course, we went to CHUBBY CHICKEN for their best sellers. THE CHICKEN!!!!
You can pick between spicy, sweet or mix. 

The CHUBBY CHICKEN (80/120Php) is baked first then fried. As such you would be guaranteed a crispy chicken. The sauce is not too much and could be separated from the dish if you so wanted to. Besides, they have garlic mayo on the side too.

My personal favorite though is the CHICKEN STRIPS (130Php). Huge. Crunchy. Beer Battered. Strips. 
This one is covered with their spicy sauce. At first you won't taste it but the hotness creeps up.

In case you are up for breakfast food, you could go for their ANGUS TAPA (165Php). This was an okay dish for me. I liked that they used ANGUS just to make the beef more tender. It was a little bland for me though. Maybe because I'm used to the sweet versions of tapa.

Another one would be the COUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN (165Php). I liked how the chicken fillet remains moist and perfectly breaded. Their home made gravy is also a perfect combination for the chicken.

For dessert, we had the CHUBBY OREO (95Php). These oreos were deep fried using a batter that made it more fluffy. It is as is there is an additional "donut" layer outside. I liked how this dessert didn't taste like rancid oil. The flavor was neutral so it was perfect.

I was a little bit sad though, as I wasn't able to get a taste of TWINKIES.
They shipped a few boxes over just a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one as some guys hoarded a box or two. They serve them as they are or you could have them deep fried.

FRET NOT! Come JULY 19, I would be going back to CHUBBY CHICKEN for some TWINKIE ACTION. They will be having a fresh batch from the States.

CHUBBY CHICKEN is the perfect place to get your fill. The food is quick, fast and tasty. Not to mention, the prices are budget friendly and perfect for that quick lunch break. Students are definitely welcomed here. Did I mention they have wifi? So yes, you may cram your paper here too.

I enjoyed the food and the mentality of putting the needs of the students first. The prices are quite similar from yesteryears and the quality is still spot on. SO yes, I will be visiting them again and not just for those twinkies but for the CHUBBY CHICKEN as WELL.

near Ateneo
41 Esteban Abada St,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

near FEU 
Third Floor, Jarasa Building, Regalado West,
Fairview, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Soon to open, 
UST - P. NOVAL Side.

(02) 433-1833 / 
(02) 427-2222 / 87878

Disclaimer:Was invited to try out the dishes in Chubby Chicken. Wrote this based on my opinion.
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