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Sunday, September 6, 2015

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, my friends and I trooped to the SPARK PLACE and checked out a new stall that has the potential to be a hit with hotdog loving foodies. The SNAG BOX

SNAG BOX is located on the lower ground floor of the SPARK PLACE in CUBAO.
It elevates the normal hotdog to something more of a gourmet through the use of exciting toppings. 

We were lucky enough to check out the flavors of this amazing new home made brand. With hotdogs prices ranging around 100Php, you aren't short change as quality and quantity of the food is definitely a plus. 

I started with the RUSTIC ONION MEDLEY (125Php) . It had an assortment of mixed onions, cream cheese, glaze and cheddar. The use of the onions caramelized well that it added to the sweet flavor that you would be looking for in a dog. 

One of my favorite was the JAPANESE BULLDOG . The dog is deep fried and breaded and it has an Asian slaw on top. It reminded me of tonkatsu in a sandwich form. Since I am a fan of tonkatsu, I really loved this one.

Another similar dog was the NORIYAKI (125Php). Since it has a Japanese background, you can say that it's part of the family. Only difference? This has kani and wasabi mayo in the mix. Similar to what a usual kani salad would taste like. 

For hot headed foodies, the CHILI BEEF (125Php) is the one to pick. Aside from the Chili Beef, it has cheese sauce, sour cream and jalapenos on top. It may be a little hot but it sure gets you there. 

For truffle addicts, the TRUFFLE and WILD MUSHROOM RAGU is something different. A lot of mushrooms with garlic and parmesan is placed on top with a bit of truffle oil. You could taste the shroomness of the dog as the flavors really intertwined with one another. 

After all is said and done, my ALL TIME favorite would be this one. THE BACON 4 CHEESE BRULEE (130Php)!!!!
The dog is grilled perfectly with some herbs and spices to make it awesome.
The bread was toasted and butter placed just to give it a more crunchier texture. Different cheeses were added on top and torched to make everything melt. 
The finished product is the BACON 4 CHEESE BRULEE
One bite in and you would know that the things done were not for show. IT all worked well that the cheese melted and gave a different taste. The bacon on top just made it better. Delicious stuff right here!!!

Honestly, if craving strucks me, I would go back for the bacon 4 cheese brulee and the Japanese Bulldog at the SNAG BOX. Although, I'm a little partial with their use of the bread as it is a little bit thicker than the usual ones we are familiar with, I can definitely say that the dogs and the toppings have an awesome potential. Cheers SNAG BOX. 

Lower Ground Floor
Spark Place
In front of SM Cubao and Ali Mall
P. Tuazon St cor 10th Avenue
Free Basement Parking. 

Disclaimer:was invited to try this out. Wrote this based on my experience.
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