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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New dishes. These are what we always look for in our go to restaurants. We always ask, when will I be able to try something new? Something different. WEE NAM KEE is a place that definitely knows it all. Recently, they serve 4 new dishes to titillate our sense. 

Pictured above is the BAK KUT TEH. I know it's a mouthful. This "meat bone tea" is a mix of Chinese, Malaysia and Singaporean influence. This healthy dish is has a "tea" background and may not be for everyone but for sure, WEE NAM KEE made it with a Filipino twist.

 The next dish is the BEEF RENDANG. The national dish of Indonesia but adopted in Singapore. The beef is cooked in great sauce that has a coconut mix in it.

For something different, the CLAYPOT CHICKEN RICE  s a treat. The use of the Chinese chorizo mixed with the chicken makes it into a sweet dish. The addition of the mushrooms gives it a healthier feel.

If noodles are preferred, the SINGAPOREAN BEEF NOODLES could be a delight. The broth works well with the cold rainy weather.

For amazing Singaporean Dishes, one could go to WEE NAM KEE. Not only do they have the usual chicken rice but they also try to improve their offerings with these new dishes. 

Disclaimer: This is a PRESS RELEASE. Pictures are from Wee Nam Kee.
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Written by Lovely

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