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Monday, October 19, 2015

Two things that really made the food scene better are buffet restos and hotpots. They let you pick from a lot of choices on what to eat and you only pay a fraction of the price. FOUR SEASONS BUFFET and HOTPOT in CUBAO just fits the bill as it combines the two. Best of both worlds.

I found myself driving around the ARANETA area looking for this new place to try out. Located in MANHATTAN PARKVIEW on General Roxas Avenue in CUBAO, FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT and BUFFET is definitely a must visit so I went for it. Pay parking is spacious and is located at the basement of the same building so no worries for drivers like me.
 Once you enter  FOUR SEASONS, you are greeted by a helpful staff and you feel as if you were transported to a different time and place.

When you are led into the main dining hall, you can't help but get awed at how huge place is. Well lighted, this is a perfect venue for a little foodie reunion or a leisure business lunch.
Each table in the main food hall has their own hotpot cooker with a divider so that you could have two types of soup in it.
In case you are a big group, you will be happy to note that they have function rooms that you could reserve. This time around, there is a lazy susan and each diner have their own cooker.
First things first, you are asked as to what kind of soup you would like as a base.
They have this huge selection of shabu shabu broth. I enjoyed the pork soup with a spoonful of sate.
You may also go for a sukiyaki broth if you're into sweet things.  Not to worry though, you get to make your own sauces from a huge selection of spices and what not so you could tweak the flavors to your liking.

After choosing, you go through a huge selection of things to cook.
From different balls and the like. To different types of meat
 and seafood like crabs, shells, slices of fish, and shrimps.
Yes, there are also veggies for those healthy eaters out there.
and they give you a choice selection of flavored noodles. Some are spicy and others are just right.
Another thing that made FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT and BUFFET a must try is that they have a huge selection of cooked and prepared food items.
Aside from salad and other small bites, you could start out first with some sashimi and sushi.
You could also have different meats grilled from bbqs to fresh fish.
My choice would have to be baked oysters. Perfect and gooey. Just remember to eat them once you get something into your tummy. 
and make your own pasta for the noodle lovers out there.
They also have a carving station that serves LEG of LAMB, CHUCK EYE ROLL, ROASTED TURKEY
and the (in)famous BINUSOG NA LECHON or Stuffed Roasted Pig. Flavored rice is stuffed inside a Roasted Pork Belly. No need for the sauce.

In all honesty, I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of food thrown at me. I think you would need around 3 hours to perfectly enjoy the buffet. Get there around opening and take your time.
As usual, go for whatever tickles your fancy from the get go. Usually, aim for the expensive dishes like steaks and lamb.
Don't go overboard with rice and other carbs as it would fill you up quickly.
and remember, to always go for dessert.
Aside from Filipino Delicacies like bibingka and taho, you could go for pastries, small cakes, crepe, ice creams and a choco fountain.
Most important of all, you also get to choice from a plethora of drinks. From different softdrinks to juices and amazing liquor like imported beer and sake. Don't regret anything and end the meal with tea or coffee.

 The quality and the food selection is tempting all the foodies around the metro to come on over to FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT and BUFFET MANHATTAN PARKVIEW in Araneta Center. For the price of 688+ for a weekday lunch to 888++ Php for a holiday or a weekend visit, you definitely get more than what you paid for. From the carving station to the grilling and right down to cooking the food for yourself, you can definitely make your tummy happy. Just remember, get a reservation, go for the pricey stuff first and avoid carbs to the last minute. Properly plan on how to attack the buffet and don't forget to check if they have promos and what not. Because until October 27, they are letting us experience discount. Enjoy. 

Gen. Roxas Avenue, Cubao
Araneta Center, Quezon City,
Metro Manila
(632) 9327777

Until October 20, 25% discount for IG followers of the Resto
Oct 21-27 , 20% discount for Quezon City Employee, Residents and Students.

Disclaimer: was invited to try out this buffet. wrote this based on my experience.
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