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Friday, October 16, 2015

As usual, it was traffic. The usual 30 minutes of travel via private vehicle now takes around more than an hour or two. I figured that it would be better for me to relax and just stay put first than get stressed from driving. As I found myself in Makati, I didn't know that I could relax and have a breather during the peak hours at a bar in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. 
One of my weakness is ITALIAN CUISINE. I can never say no to quality ITALIAN FOOD. I can brave the traffic and the horrible parking for excellent food. What a day it was for me as it was when SHANGRI-LA MAKATI launched ESPERIENZA ITALIANA or "Experience Italy".
This was their way of bringing ITALY to the METRO.
We got to experience an ITALIAN APERITIVO at SAGE. This is like Italians pre-dinner. A few cocktails and some finger food if you will before the main dinner. Honestly though, the food was more than enough to make me full.

Their spread is like no other though.
BREAD topped with different toppings. From salmon, to olives to cheese.
Mini-pizzas for the win. A margarita flavored to my choice of margarita.
Aside from that, they also had some risotto balls.
Pasta is an integral part of ITALIAN CUISINE. As such, they had prepared a station that cooked pasta to your preference. This one is PENNE with Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil. A little heavy on the tomato flavor.
A crowd favorite would be the RISOTTO ACQUERELLO. It had saffron, green asparagus and Italian Sausage.
The spread also had a "carving station". This time around, they had the cured prosciutto. Salty ham that is amazing and perfect with any type of bread. Delicious.
More so if you get the right type of cheese combination that came with it. 
One thing I liked about this ITALIAN APERITIVO is that you could get perfect cocktails.
I think I was a bit tipsy already as I didn't know which one is which. 
You actually have a choice of what to do with your drinks. From the base of the SPRITZ to the white wine or prosecco and even whatever additional things you may want to add. 
This ITALIAN APERITIVO would run on OCTOBER 19, 21, and 23 from 6 to 10pm. It is priced at 1,500++ Php. This includes the antipasto buffet and selected drink. 
I must say, you must not miss this if you love great food and perfect drinks to go along with it. Did I mention that in SAGE, there's an amazing looking bar and a great band that does incredible hits.

Aside from this, MAKATI SHANGRI-LA has a lot of activites set from OCTOBER 19-23. They invited MICHELIN-STARRED CHEF ROCCO IANNONE. He will be serving an incredible menu partnered with certain wine. This would be on OCTOBER 20-23 from 6 to 10:30pm. Tickets are at 5,500 or 4,500 for 4 or 5 courses respectively. 

If you are a music lover, they invited the 30-piece MANILA SYMPHONY along with three tenors, and a soprano. A pre-show aperitif would also be served at the main lobby at 6:30pm. This would be on OCTOBER 22 at 7:30pm priced at Php1,850.

Shangri-la Makati Hotel
Ayala Avenue Cor Makati Avenue,
Makati City, Metro Manila.
(632) 813 8888 

Disclaimer: was invited to try the different dishes and drinks. Wrote thise based on my insights and opinion.
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