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Friday, December 18, 2015

On a fine day, GLOBE TELECOM has seen it fit to launch their modified GLOBE PLATINUM and its newest partnership with CHEF JP ANGLO. Known as Chef Jayps, he is the owner and celebrity chef behind amazing restaurants like SARSA and Kafe Batwan. He was first introduced to the world of showbiz through Master Chef Philippines and on occasion guests in different tv shows. 
For this instance, the launch was held in his restaurant, KAFE BATWAN. Located in the vicinity of 
 Rockwell in Makati, Kafe Batwan offers Negranese dishes on a different level.
It is because of his level of awesomeness that GLOBE TELECOM chose him as the newest brand ambassador of GLOBE PLATINUM. GLOBE PLATINUM has rebooted itself to a whole new level. They primarily upped the experience. With a focus on guiding and helping their customers achieve their goals and dreams, GLOBE realized the importance of having a connectivity between them and their clients as such an upgrade on GLOBE PLATINUM services. Dedicated Relationship Managers are connected to their clients and gets exclusive perks and concierge services.
 Here we could see the head honchos of Globe with Chef Jayps.
--> (L-R) Globe SVP for Consumer Mobile Marketing Issa Cabreira, Globe Platinum Brand Director Kaisie del Carmen, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan, Globe Platinum ambassador Chef JP Anglo, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, and Globe Platinum Customer Marketing Director Jenn Mallabo
After a short talk about the ins and outs of the new GLOBE PLATINUM EXPERIENCE, Chef Jayps saw it fit to serve us with his amazing dishes.
A quick look would reveal a menu that is intriguing and innovative.
For starters, we had some eggplant dip. The addition of chicharon or pork cracklings on top is just genius. I couldn't stop myself from getting a piece after another.
Next up was the MOLO POT STICKERS. Basically dumplings with a burnt edge served in soup.
Now I don't really like eating salads or veggies but the SPINACH with MANGO TUYO DRESSING and CRISPY CRABLETS was pretty good. The tuyo flavor wasn't that evident. It was only a hint. The dressing had rough texture but it worked well with the greens and the cheese.
A crowd favorite was the MUSHROOM and TINOLA SOUP. Who would have thought that mushroom and tinola works well together. The use of clams gave it a seafood feel while the mushroom blended well with the tinola flavor. Loved this.
For rice, we were given a choice between STEAMED RED RICE for the healthy ones or the GARLIC COCONUT RICE. I went for the latter. The coconut flavor was evident and went well with all the dishes served. Another rice flavor that I would love to have over and over again.

A vegetable dish was then served. It was on the crunchy side. Needless to say, I skipped this one and only tasted the garlicky sauce along with the crispy dilis.
The GRILLED SHRIMP in TALANGKA GATA was deadly. Huge shrimp pieces were served in coconut sauce.
The Talangka or crab fat was served on the side. I'll be honest, I placed a spoonful of it in my rice and it was pure bliss I tell you. Deadly yes. But delicious!
A familiar dish was the LECHON KAWALI. This was served with sinamak or a type of vinegar and a chocolate sauce. I know it sounded weird but it actually works well with the two sauces. Put a dab of chocolate on top of the plump slice of meat and douse it with a splash of vinegar. Amazing twist of flavor. Salty, sweet, and sour. Delicious stuff.
What is Filipino Food without KARE KARE? The NOSE TO TAIL KARE KARE was served with GINAMOS on top and the peanut sauce on the side. Ginamos is a type of fish paste from the Visayas region. Moving on, the different types of meat had a clean taste. They were tender and pretty good.
After being served amazing dishes, dessert were placed on the table. None stop food action right here. The sizzling budbud is somewhat similar to puto bungbong. The addition of pinipig on top gave it a crunchy texture to the other wise sticky dish. Ube butter was used and coco pandan coffee cream for the sizzling sauce.
TURON with CHOCNUT sauce was served next. All good. The chocnut flavor was pretty evident.
The TRADITIONAL BIBINGKA was spot on. Well cooked and simple. The fluffiness was there and the flavor was direct to the point. This was pure love.

GLOBE TELECOM partnered with CHEF JAYPS to offer an amazing mobile experience through GLOBE PLATINUM. Chef Jayps is definitely the guy to go to in terms of amazing Negranese Dishes and innovative Filipino Food. Congrats Chef on being the newest Globe Platinum Ambassador.

Kafe Batwan is the foodie place to go to when innovative Filipino and Negranese dishes are craved for. Dishes are priced around 200-550Php. Expect to budget around 400Php per person. Cheers.

SARSA: Damn Good Food
SARSA: Revisited.
SARSA: Get together

GLOBE PLATINUM: Perks and more

122 Joya Lofts & Tower, Amorsolo Drive,
Rockwell, Makati City, Metro Manila
7am- 10:30pm

Disclaimer: Was invited to attend this event.
Wrote this based on my experience.

Here's Chuckie Dreyfus of All Chucked Up winning concert tickets to Madonna. LUCKY!!!

Yes, I on occasion, asks Chefs for photo ops. Especially when they serve amazing food.
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