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Thursday, December 17, 2015

 NO longer do we need to sweat it out. No more traffic just to get to Makati for amazing burgers. Now we have SWEET ECSTASY along KATIPUNAN. Located on the 2nd floor of Regis Center, SWEET ECSTASY has seating for al fresco and a/c diners. Once you enter you are greeted with different posters pushing you to have a go at their amazing burgers.
On a rainy weekday, my brother and I visited SWEET ECSTASY. Since it opened on November 6, 2015 to the public, it has been serving burgers to this side of town. No more Edsa and Makati traffic. Only Katipunan is left!  Anyway, we went a little over board and ordered a lot. 
First stop was their MALT MILKSHAKES. We tried the strawberry and the vanilla flavor. According to my brother, the strawberry version was on the sweet side. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the vanilla.
 For side dishes, my brother had the ECSTASY FRIES (130Php). While I went for the PICKLE FRIES (120Php). The Ecstasy fries was covered in their secret sauce, cheese and caramelized onions.
 The PICKLE FRIES was basically pickles. I liked how they cooked these babies. Not too oily and definitely something to give your taste buds a refresh.
 Since we heard a lot about it, had the SRIRACHA LIME WINGS (245Php). Double battered and fried. These wings had a little heat on them but it was manageable. Having plastic gloves definitely did the trick. Eating with hands are just a bit messy but with gloves, I could go all the way.
 On to the main event, my brother had the CHEESEBURGER (195Php). When ordering, you are asked what kind of onions you would like. If you are into sweet things, have the caramelized ones but having them grilled or fresh is pretty much okay. One thing I noticed though, the burgers are smaller compared to THE BEEF. (Click here and here for my experience at THE BEEF in HOLE in the WALL).  I think the best comparison of this burger is the one at THE BEEF. I can't help but compare them because these two serve the simplest best burgers in town. The beef patties from Sweet Ecstasy are made fresh daily. Comprised of short ribs, sirloin and brisket, I now understand why people are raving over them.
I got from their secret menu though. Yes they have those too. I went for their steamed burgers. The difference is the way they are cooked. The moisture stays inside the meat and as such they are juicier and the flavors are more dense.  I couldn't help but order another one as it wasn't enough for me. I believe this is cooked and is the most similar one to THE BEEF.

Needless to say, SWEET ECSTASY is one of those joints that definitely makes us crave for burgers. I am thankful that they serve fries and wings and a lot of Milk Shakes. The price point is pretty much affordable but might be a bit too much for students. At around 200-400 Php per person, the quality says a lot. Now I have a place to go to when I want burgers fast. Cheers.

The BEEF in Hole in the wall
Hole in the wall: New offerings

2nd Floor
Regis Center
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City,
Metro Manila
(0916) 347 4342 for pick up
Infront of Gate 3 of Ateneo de Manila University

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meal.

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  1. Looks like you found some sweet ecstasy while eating their food. I'd love to try their burgers too and also the milkshake, I am a sucker for milkshakes!

    1. Dude... it's soo good..
      the fact that its pretty near my place makes it an ideal tambayan for me. Compared to its original branch in makati, this one has a/c so its a nice place to chill at :)

  2. Those fries look amazing--and sinful. Haha! These comfort food and drinks are great for students hanging around in Katipunan area. Does this restaurant have free wi-fi for guests?

    1. They are roch.. well for you it aint because you're healthy!...
      Sweet ecstasy in Katipunan is a nice place for Students to chill at.. even families go here... Unfortunately, they don't have wifi to offer to their guests.