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Monday, February 15, 2016

One foot in and you are transported to a different place. That is the feeling you get once you enter SPECTRUM. On that SUNDAY BRUNCH, SPECTRUM in FAIRMONT HOTEL, MAKATI was beautifully curated and designed to show off amazing detail pertaining to the over all theme of the BRUNCH. It was basically SUNDAY BRUNCH at the RANCH.
 Since it was already past noon, I ordered a mojito to freshen up. Although not really part of the buffet, they offer different beers from Corona to Millers and even Margaritas and Tequila Shots. Deadly.
 One might say that the buffet isn't as huge as other places. This might be true but the selection and the quality of the food choices are excellent and are above standard. You can make your own salad at one end.
 Or pick different carbs at another.
 Foie Gras and even other dips are present to make the perfect choices.
 On one side, you could have your own pasta made. The Ravioli and the Cannelloni were pretty good.
 A taco stand was right beside it. Basically a make your own dish. Pretty good if you are into it.
 From here on out, you could say that I love everything. From the cheese and meat section.
 To these hors d'oeuvres. Wanton wrapper with a strawberry like mouse on top or a tomato with cheese.
Freshness is one thing that SPECTRUM got right. They don't make large quantity of dishes from the start. Rather they just prepare and do them as the brunch goes along.
 The home made smoked salmon was pretty good.
Different seafoods were also part of the buffet.
You could have them grilled or cooked to your liking or just get them off the rack like these crab claws or clams.
One would also appreciate their sushi bar. Different creative creations were made to make it more appealing to the taste buds.
 Of course, they also have the standards.
 Outside, there is a grill area for your tummy's content. Marinated chicken,
Steaks and lamb chops were present and cooked to your preference.
What is a brunch without the quintessential Filipino Dish. The lechon.
If these aren't enough, they have a row of cooked dishes to make you drool. Plus, turkey, prime ribs and other cuts of steak were there ready to be grilled for you. Chinese Dimsum were also aplenty.
 The kids are very much welcome to this Sunday Brunch. They have a station all for themselves.
 Right beside the play area, kid's favorite are served. From popcorn, fries and grilled corn.
 One thing that I must say though is that SPECTRUM has the best DESSERT STATION in all of the buffets that I have visited. More often than not, buffets would not give a lot of attention to dessert. BUT at SPECTRUM'S... It is all worth the rave!
Right off the bat, you see this poking at you.
 Baecon Macarons. Unlimited amounts of sugar goodness.
 Different types of cakes were also presented. Each with different flavor profile and texture.
 Interestingly enough, this one had candied bacon on top. Fret not though, you could ask and get one on the side.
Another revelation was the BAKLAVA. It was done masterfully. The chopped nuts worked well with the sweet pastry.
Just to show my plates:
I try to diet.
 There are just those times that I couldn't.
 And this is one of them.
 Because all the dishes were excellent.

 Hands down though, it has got to be the DESSERT that I really raved about. Damn candied bacon.
 You would think that the SMORES would be something normal. BUT NO! They have a little dark chocolate secret in the center.
 Priced at Php 2,777 per person, you could really say that it might lighten your pockets but then again, you get what you paid for. Excellent choices, high end quality and most of all great service. If you go, I suggest you bring a driver so that you could drink to your heart's content. If not, it's okay since they have valet service for you. The buffet was curated perfectly and gave off that wonderful feeling afterwards.... Food Coma.

Ground Floor
Fairmont Makati
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Ave
Makati City, Metro Manila
(632) 7951840
Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to attend the launch.
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