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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Food is an important aspect of living. As with everything though, it is not limitless. Because of this, we need to be protective and always looking forward. This week, a lot of restaurants in Manila are celebrating the SUSTAINABLE FOOD WEEK. This teaches us to be more in tune with nature and protect it.

One such restaurant that is taking this seriously would be MAKATI SHANGRI-LA'S SAGE BESPOKE GRILL.

Located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, the SAGE BESPOKE GRILL took a page out of the MAD MEN TV SERIES. Leather seats, awesome ambiance and the perfect service.

Appetizers were served prior to the main sit down meal. This SISIG is made from the Matambaka fish or the Bigeye Scad. Interestingly enough, it didn't taste too fishy. It was just like chicken. Sustainability, I believe is having also to make do with what is available in the sea.
A TUNA crostini was served next. Nothing heavy and pretty light. I liked how with each bite, there is a crunch sound. Talk about fresh bread baked daily.
Kilawin or ceviche were also served. Fresh fish used and cooked with vinegar. 
Just for this week, SAGE BESPOKE GRILL made an excellent lunch set menu that screams sustainability and freshness. At 980++ Php, it seemed really reasonable. You get to choose between a starter, main course and a dessert.
To start things, we were served with the PARROT FISH CEVICHE leche de tigre, Peruvian styled. The parrot fish was smooth in texture. The ceviche was somewhat different as the sauce has been spiked with the coconut flavor. Something creamy and interesting.
You could also try out the TOMATO and OREGANO Algario Gaspacho, Baby Squid a la plancha. The soup was served on the cold side and is a mix of different vegetable flavors. The baby squid were firm and cooked perfectly.
For the main course, the JOSPER GRILL WHITE SNAPPER, Manila Clams and tomatoes with chorizo. This was a pretty interesting dish as the fish was smothered with a foam of white wine. It has absorbed the flavor from the fish and makes the dish moist. The clams were cooked in a way that there's a bit of infused wine flavor too.
The CARAMELIZED PINEAPPLE CRUMBLE with star anis and vanilla sauce was the perfect ending. It wasn't too overpowering nor was it too sweet. It was just right. Served warm and just right I wouldn't mind having more of this.
Thank you Chefs for making our visit an amazing one and for creating dishes that make use of sustainable ingredients.
Chef Eric Weigmann, Chef De Cuisine for Sage Bespoke Grill. Chef Gilles Galli, Executive Sous Chef. Chef Paul Lenz, Area Executive Chef for Shangri-La Philippine Properties.
Sustainability is one of the most important aspect of food. Our sources must be respected and treated as if it is our friend and lifeline. You can't just disregard the future for present gains. Remember, we must think about our kids' kids and more generations to come. Thank you very much Makati Shangri-la for joining the Sustainable Food Week. Cheers.

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2nd Floor, Makati Shangri-la
Ayala Avenue Cor Makati Avenue,
Makati City, Metro Manila.
(632) 813 8888

Disclaimer: Was invited to this event. Wrote this based on my opinions and biases.
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  1. I guess this one's one of the post of yours that's really so serious, esp when i saw the raw fish photo, like i really got curious about the resto!

  2. It's a bit like that when it comes to food. I mean, it's pretty serious when in terms of food sustainability. :)