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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BAR PINTXOS in ALABANG has been a secret destination for drinkers in the metro. Not only does it give off that neighborhood watering hole vibe, it also caters to foodies who love to eat.

Recently, I learned that a dining experience must be whole. Meaning to say, it can't be just about food. It needs to have great drinks and good old fashion fun together in one big basket.

Miguel, who handles the kitchen, notes that they do not just serve good food but they also have amazing drinks. Plus points for me. Recently, they have produced home grown craft beers that are under the CROWS brand.
From something light to down right IPA, it has the capacity to feel up whatever your taste buds might desire.
The dishes in BAR PINTXOS is more of pica pica or small bites. They usually whip up something new every few weeks and I could really see the ingenuity of Miguel.
The GILDAS with TUNA might be a little bit too much for some.

Anchovies is skewered with a huge pepper and tuna underneath. It isn't as spicy as it looks but you have been warned.
Upon learning that the BOQUERONES, UNI with CAVIAR was going to be served, I was delighted with joy.
Combining two of my favorite and rich seafood, I was ecstatic with each bite. The uni made it a smooth dish while the boquerones delivered its vinegar flavor making the dish a little zest. Delicious.
For spice lovers, they would enjoy the PIMIENTOS PADRON CHISTORRA. This one is a hot treat. Hot because of the peppers. I would suggest that you remove the seeds just to tone the heat level down a bit. The sausage on the other hand wasn't sweet. Rather it gave a meaty flavor that would work wonders when partnered with garlic rice.
Forgive me as I forgot this one dish's name that made me happy.

Ham on top, with uni and lardo on bread. You taste a symphony of flavors with one bite. Something meaty with a taste of the sea. Salty but pure bliss.
The OREJAS DE CERDO or PIG'S EAR doesn't look appetizing but if you're into deep fried crunchy stuff, this is your dish. One bite in and you get hooked and you would like to ask for more.
For rice lovers, the Lamb Paella is the perfect rice dish. the lamb is flavorful in each bite.
Interesting enough, BEEF CHEEKS are also served. These aren't the usual piece of meat that you might see on your table. Even so, the meat is tender and is flavorful. Get this with a cup of rice and you won't regret it.

If there is one dish that you must order it is the JAMON ALLIOLI.
Simple and straight forward. You get a lovely and delicious not overly fatty dish.
To end the meal on a sweet note, the PINTXO de CHOCOLATE might be for you. Chocolate cubes on top of bread with a dash of olive oil and salt. Weird but it works.
BAR PINTXOS, in Alabang, is a destination in itself. Coming from the north, this place is far from my residence and yet, I could see myself going back for more. The quality of the dishes and the drinks are incredible and I believe they really know how to make one's tummy happy. The dishes are straight forward and unpretentious. Just combine perfect flavor profile and everything is just wonderful.

(02) 831 0065
Don Jesu Building, Don Jesus Boulevard
While on the service road, turn into DON JESU BOULEVARD.
On your left, you will see the building with Pancake House in it.
There is parking in front and at the back of the building.

Disclaimer: was invited to try out the dishes. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. I love the look of anchovies, and I love chili so I have a feeling I'm gonna love it. I love the skewered food concept, makes eating easier don't you think.

  2. Marj... its soo perfect Chill place. I mean, you get what you want to eat. No spoilage because everything is like pica pica ... and not overwhelming.. plus the drinks... soo good :)