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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FOWLBREAD in BGC HIGH STREET has just opened a couple of weeks back and it is already a must visit resto in the metro.
 Granted that the restaurant only has a few dishes to offer, I believe that the quality of these items makes it the perfect stop over before calling it a night.
FOWLBREAD generally serves chicken sandwiches. Yet, it has a lot of drinks to offer to partner along your chosen variety.
From a Frozen Pineapple Yakult cocktail to a Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler. Both perfectly refreshing for the summer heat.

And still, they have a lot of craft beers to choose from. Chocolate drink too, if you're lucky as the COCIO stash is almost always out of stock!

The place is small with al fresco dining going for it. It does have a small dining room with a/c but it can only fit around 12-15 diners. Even so, the turn over is pretty fast and the waiting time is not that bad.
To start things off, the fries are a must. Be it salted or garlic. The salted is perfectly fine. But the GARLIC version goes well with the burger. I found myself getting more and more even if I told myself to stop eating.

Aside from the fries, FOWLBREAD has 3 more items on the menu. Their CHICKEN SANDWICH, GARLIC EGG NOODLE and POTSTICKERS.

 The GARLIC EGG NOODLES looks pretty simple. It is like your normal aglio olio or garlic pasta. Pretty simple and straight forward. If you must have some variety, you could have this with your sandwiches. You could also add some chili paste found table side just to give it more heat.
Then the Golden Chicken Sandwiches. Here, you could order them with or without the fries. Plus, you get to choose the heat level. It could be normal, spicy or chemical.
  Normal version is like eating something that's well, pretty normal. You get to taste and feel the quality of the chicken patty alongside the chicken skin. Oh, I did forget to mention that the sandwiches has a chicken patty and a deep fried crispy chicken wing on top. The chicken is moist and delicious. The chicken skin is more than crispy. It is addicting. Alongside the Russian dressing and some home made pickled vegetables, the chicken is pressed between two buttered and toasted buns that are soft yet not overly oily.
Going back, the Spicy version could be distinguished from the chemical because it doesn't have any umbrella on top. Plus you could see the spicy powder concoction on the chicken skin.

 As I mentioned, the Chemical has that umbrella on top. If you are familiar with KFC's ZINGER, this is somewhat close and yet has a little bit more heat to it.
The Potstickers was out of stock the first time I visited. When I returned, I got to try it. Basically, they look like dumplings or gyozas sticking to one another. It has a nori-ish flavor that could be a little bit overwhelming. The sauce underneath couldn't mask it. 
FOWLBREAD in BGC High Street is a simple restaurant that caters to the needs of the foodie community. Simple because of the fact that it serves a couple of dishes that has the perfect flavor profile and as such, makes it straightforward. I haven't seen this type of restaurant in the metro in ages. Here, they whip up a couple of dishes and serve it as is. The choices in drinks are a lot longer compared to the food menu items that they have. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. Instead, it focuses more on the dishes and as such give them more attention. Hence, a more happy tummy.

B3 Bonifacio High Street
BGC, TAGUIG, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out fowlbread.
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  1. made me crave for chicken burger! hahaha. great shots. very inviting. and now i am hungry. :D

  2. Thanks !!! Yeah... The food is pretty good and for chicken sandwich it isnt bad.... The drink choices also helped giving varieties and choices for the diners at fowl bread in bgc

  3. Chicken sandwiches? Now you're talking! The only chicken sandwich that I like is the chicken fillet of KFC, so I'm curious about Fowl Bread's version.

    The garlic egg noodles look quite plain, does it taste good?

  4. Their version is more flavorful compared to kfc. They have a bunch of pickled veggies in their sandwich and also chicken skin... That's crunchied up and deep fried. Aside from that you get to choose spice levels in fowlbread. ... The egg noodle is similar to garlic aioli pasta.... Its okay... But if you go here its the chicken sandwich that you should go for....