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Friday, March 4, 2016

Dreaded by some, vegetables are admittedly one of those things that we need to eat to stay healthy. The taste I believe is one of the factors people doesn't like veggies. The guys behind JUJU EATS say that this should not be the case. We could still eat healthy food but also enjoy the flavor. That is what JUJU EATS is all about.

A spinoff from their original JUJU CLEANSE, JUJU EATS caters to the healthy and those trying to be healthy diners. Of course, they put a premium on experience and made everything from scratch daily. Freshness is the key. This translates to excellent flavor.
The general misconception of this store would have to be veggies and more veggies and only veggies. Surprisingly, this is not so. JUJU EATS serves smoothies, salads, wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls, pasta and even dessert. Interesting!
Hesitant as one could be, the smoothies are actually pretty good and healthy. Only natural sugar from the fruits used made them sweet and yummy. Basically a mix of healthy ingredients that goes for a delicious flavor.
First up was the CRISPY CATFISH SALAD.
Noting that the dressings are made fresh daily, I was pleasantly surprised with the intense flavor. It might be a little bit sour for some but I enjoyed it just like green mangoes. The salad reminds me of Thai flavors. Yummy. Another must try would be the INASAL SALAD.
For someone that would like something more beefy, one could have their version of BIBIMBAP. A little spicy though but it is promising and have flavors that could rival other restaurants.
If you must have carbs you could try their pasta dishes. For that day, the PESTO PASTA SALAD was served. Freshly made pesto made it delicious.

I was expecting to be disappointed with their paninis but I wasn't. The bread to filling ratio was perfect. Unlike other places, the stuffing on their paninis were flavorful and were present in each bite. The bread was perfect on its own actually.
The must gets are the BREAKFAST PANINI and the FALAFEL PANINI.

If you are on the go, WRAPS could be a great alternative for your salads. These babies right here are like your healthy burrito, as what one of my friend said...
I was really happy with dessert. You wouldn't know that these are "healthy" version made with organic ingredients. From oats and choco banana to mangoes and tapioca and even chocolate. Sooo Good!
Scarred as I was when I entered the place, I was pleasantly surprised and put at ease with the different dishes that JUJU EATS serves. From the wraps to the salad and even the dessert, I could definitely suggest going back here for a quick snack and even maybe a healthy date.

Ground Floor
Podium Mall
Ortigas Center, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out the dishes. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Love the concept! Juju Eats Libis is just near our office. I tried the Chicken Caesar Wrap last week when I did not have my baon. It's surprising how filling one serving can be! I recommend Juju Eats to anyone who likes to eat healthier food one step at a time. :)

  2. Its pretty healthy and juju eats is also yummy. I was also surprised that it tasted good :)