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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I wouldn't have figured out that CAFE CREOLE in RESORTS WORLD MANILA serves delicious breakfast fare and would actually compliment the different restaurants in the mall. Cafe Creole was created as a memento to one of its former owners. Rightly so, as it has a New Orleans vibe to it.

Located on the 2nd floor of the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila, CAFE CREOLE has a relaxing feel to it. Pictures on the wall and even the relaxing atmosphere is perfect for a quick meal or a long lunch.
Since it is the only place to get a wood fired oven pizza, don't hesitate to order one as soon as you arrive. The EARTH BREAD (360Php) is the perfect starter. The dough is not too thick nor is it thin. The cheese is evenly spread and believe it or not, the veggies on top works well with the pizza. A simple vinaigrette was used and I liked it.

The Bourbon Street Jambalaya is a Meal in its own. With Spanish and French influence, this dish could be compared to Japanese curry. Perfect with rice and soupy too.
For Shrimp lovers the, the SHRIMP AND CHEESE POLENTA is perfect. Why? Because the shrimps are wrapped with bacon. This is the way to go. That and the fact that cheese works well with bacon and bacon works with everything.
A no fail dish would be the RIB PLATE (670/1290Php). Partnered with corn bread and their version of the perfect rice. The ribs are not overly sweet but are tender and fall of the bone good.

If you must only get one or two dishes, the next two are the ones that I would have to go to.
The WOOD FIRED BACON and EGGS is amazing. This huge bacon slab partnered with potatoes cooked with bacon oil and crisp are just undeniably good.

If you want something heavy, you must go for the BOURBON ST HANGOVER BREAKFAST (580Php). This one is undeniable worth it.
The bacon slab with the sausages is just wow that an order of garlic rice is a must. Plus the potatoes are really cooked well because of the bacon. Don't forget to try the pancakes too. I don't know how to describe them but it's not your ordinary pancakes. The texture is both fluffy and a little crunchy on the outside. The flavor is not the usual. IT is wonderful. I love em!
For dessert, the BEIGNETS are pretty good. Better to eat them once they are served asap. They are fluffy and donut like.
CAFE CREOLE also offers a lot of drinks that you would enjoy just sipping them there. Personally, I liked their SMORES. A lot of marshmallows packed on top of the drink. Not too sweet and just right.
CAFE CREOLE in RESORTS WORLD MANILA gives a different dimension to the cuisine being offered in the mall. Aside from New Orleans styled cooking, the varieties of dishes served here are not like the usual ones that you would see in other restaurants. As such, it is a nice addition to the Newport Mall Family.

2nd Floor
Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila,
Pasay City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer:Was invited to try out cafe creole. Wrote this based on my experience.
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