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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

 The BOUTIQUE BED AND BREAKFAST in Tagaytay has been in The Must Staycation list ever since it first opened a few years ago. Unfortunately, months and years has passed but my schedule doesn't want to fit in.
Thankfully, one weekend I was able to experience Tagaytay's beauty through the eyes of a real bed and breakfast. The BOUTIQUE.

 As I parked my car, the staff quickly took care of my luggage and ushered me to their lobby.
Welcome drinks were offered as I was about to embark on a journey of relaxation and comfort. This time around, it was this mocktail of mango slush with a hint of basil. Weird but it works and is actually thirst quenching.
 After signing in, I was brought to the back room and experienced the personal touch that The Boutique has been known for. Here, I was able to pick their home made toiletries. From Soap, Shampoo, Lotions and also room scents. For soaps, the Peppermint and the Lavendar are excellent and popular choices.
All of your choices and other staycation essentials were placed in a box and were brought up the room.
In the BOUTIQUE, there are actually just 7 rooms. As such, specialized and individualized service is guaranteed. Each room is differentiated by their names and their motifs and theme. From I LOVE all the way to I DESIRE. Different emotions that leads to a perfect relationship, I believe. This time around I was billeted to the I DREAM.
Upon entering the room, you are greeted by a nice clean white ambiance. It gives off a relaxing and dreamy feeling.
The King size bed is comfortable and has a 300 TC. The bed was comfy not too hard and not too soft.
The number of pillows were actually overwhelming for a guy like me since I only sleep with just a couple.

The room opens up to a balcony and a relaxing view. It has a table, couple of chairs and a day bed. Being this close to nature, could have its ups and downs. The cool mist would definitely lighten up your day but there are also little creatures like insects so remember to always be careful when you go out and open the sliding doors.

 A welcome fruit plate was prepared alongside the complimentary water bottles.
 On the table side, there were also a bunch of snacks like polvoron, yema and bread sticks. These were so addicting. Thankfully during turn down service, they also refill these treats.
The washroom is simple and straightforward. The toilet has a bidet so it is perfect for hygiene.
 Before I could take a quick nap, a quick facial cold stone massage was offered. This is actually part of the room package.

 You could actually opt for a foot massage but the facial was just too perfect to pass up.
A breakfast menu of sorts is also placed on the bed for you to choose from. Remember, breakfast in bed is an experience on its own. Thankfully, you get that here at The BOUTIQUE.
Just before my sleep, goodies were served. Usually it would be hot chocolate but since I was on a sugar high, they served tea alongside hot cookies. Something to relax the senses.

The morning after, food greeted me in bed.
 Without fail at the specified time, the food I asked for was delivered to me in bed. The staff arranged the table and placed it on my bed.
 I got the toasted sausages. These were delightful. They weren't overly sweet nor too garlicky. They were crisp and went perfect with the garlic rice.
With a view like this, I didn't want to leave my room in The Boutique. I wanted to just stay and relax and enjoy the moment.
As I bid farewell, I realized how beautiful The Boutique Bed and Breakfast is. In its own little way, it showed how it is important to be close to nature and see the beauty of it through your own eyes and not just pictures. The BOUTIQUE BED AND BREAKFAST in TAGAYTAY puts service first and is impeccable in that aspect. I felt pampered and relaxed during and after staying. That's why I can see myself going back to it. Cheers.

Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Silang Crossing East,
(046)413-1885 / (046)413-1798
It is right in front of the new Ayala Mall in Tagaytay.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to visit The Boutique.

These are the rates in fine print as of 4-4-2016
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