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Monday, April 4, 2016

Last Thursday, March 31, HOTEL JEN in MANILA celebrated its first birthday. Yes, Hotel Jen all over the world celebrated their first year.

In true Filipino Spirit, a program consisting of traditional dances like tinikling and even Filipino parlor games were dished out by Hotel Jen Manila. After having such, the party started with food. Glorious food.
Filipino cuisine were presented to different guests and of course the main part of any Filipino Party would be the LECHON or roasted pig.
The lechon was pretty much what it is. Delicious and moist and yummy. Great Job Chef!
Aside from other Filipino main dishes like kare-kare, kaldereta, liempo, they also had some healthy and delicious appetizers. Salads and rolls.
To end the meal, local dessert dishes were also served. They even had a dirty ice cream set up to complete the fiesta feel.
Afterwards, they showed us the newly opened Windows by the Bay. This is the club lounge that is now open to the public after 7:30pm.

At the 19th floor, you get to see the view of the Manila Bay and the adjacent structures like the amusement park nearby and also all the night lights.

Indeed, HOTEL JEN MANILA has brought its A game to celebrate its first year. By becoming a go to leisure and business hotel in the Manila Area, you get a no frills and all relaxation treatment when you stay here. For me, Hotel Jen is basically a travelers' hotel. Perfect for sleep and relaxation.

Under Shangri-la Group
3001 Roxas Boulevard., Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(632) 795 8888
They also offer free shuttle rides on a first come first serve basis to the MALL OF ASIA.

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Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my opinion. Was invited to visit Hotel Jen.
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