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Monday, May 9, 2016

The first time I ate in LUNG HIN, I told myself that I would be coming back for more. It was an ordinary day but the food and the service was extraordinary. Hence, MARCO POLO ORTIGAS has that drawing power. Fast forward to a couple of months, and I find myself here again and enjoying their brand new dishes.
As I entered the restaurant, I can't help but be amazed of the design and the view. 44 floors is definitely high enough for everyone to enjoy.
Located in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS, Lung Hin is their resident Chinese Restaurant. This time around, my friends and I were situated in one of the dining rooms for added privacy.
Recently, LUNG HIN was awarded the GOLDEN HORSE award. 
This means that this is one of those restaurants that offer authentic Chinese Cuisine to its diners outside of China. In true Chinese food culture, the dishes here are served one at a time. One after another, so don't expect them to give all the dishes at one go unless if you request it.
To start things off, the DEEP FRIED CRISPY TOFU with SEAWEED SALAD was served. This salad isn't overly seasoned. NO over dressing here. Basically just a drizzle of the sauce and the flavors are from the ingredients themselves. The crispy seaweed gives it a light salty touch. Crunchy and delicious.
A crowd favorite was the deep friend BEANCURD LEEK ROLLS with Xo Chili Sauce. The shell in itself is made of beancurd. Crispy and definitely spot on. Vegetables with some minced meat are what is inside. Different but distinctly beancurd. Delicious. The homemade xo sauce gives it a bit of spicy bite.
The SPINACH SEAFOOD SOUP is there to calm the tummies. The spinach was definitely there but the taste was not overpoweringly greens. Rather it was refreshing because it helped my pacing. I also enjoyed the bits of seafood in it. From small pieces of shrimps to different fishes.
I was amazed at how well they cooked the CRYSTAL PRAWNS. This stir-fried ball like prawn dish is just mouth-watering good. It wasn't rubbery as one would expect. Rather, it was cooked perfectly. Each bite would bring out that prawn flavor. This must not be shared.
For a classic, the POACHED LIVE GAROUPA with Mushroom was delicious. I would usually not eat a fish dish but I was lured in by the fragrance it was giving out. The meat was pretty moist and tender. Believe it or not, I got a whole spoonful without any bones in it so I was pretty happy.
ANOTHER CROWD FAVORITE was the SPARERIBS with BLACK VINEGAR SAUCE. This deep fried dish isn't overwhelming. The flavor was there but it didn't go overboard. The meat was tender and this made me order rice right there and then. Must order!
The HAM and VEGETABLES in SUPERIOR BROTH was okay. I mean, I'm not really into the vegetable thing but I did go for it because of the excellent superior broth.
Usually, Chinese meals would end with rice to make sure that you get your fill. For this one, the FOOKIAN MISUA was served. Since there was an abundant of flavor from the different dishes, this was steady. It wasn't oily so basically it was perfect to make your tummy full.
There is always room for dessert.
The BUCHI were super duper good. I mean, they aren't oily and isn't overly sweet.
 These are the normal version but they also have a masachi black sesame version. I'll go for the traditional one but try the black sesame also.
The heart shaped COCONUT MANGO JELLY was not overly sweet so I loved it. The coconut flavor was there and it worked well with the mango.
After all is said and done, the man of the hour appeared. LUNG HIN has a new Executive Chef. This is KEN LEUNG. He has worked in different establish restaurants and is now heading one of my favorite restaurants. He is for being able to serve delicious dishes that doesn't need to be unhealthy.
LUNG HIN of MARCO POLO MANILA is one of the best Chinese Restaurant that I have eaten in the metro. The view is just amazing, the service there and the food is just perfect.
Worry not, all the best sellers from the previous menu would be still served. Granted that it is a bit pricey to eat here but for me it is worth it. I love everything.

LUNG HIN: MARCO POLO'S Cantonese Restaurant.
MARCO POLO: A Complete Review

44th Floor
Ortigas, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited. Wrote this based on my experience.
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