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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

 The last time I visited CAFE 1228 in NEW WORLD MAKATI, I landed an amazing job offer. Here my colleagues and I celebrated our amazing run.  FAST forward to 3 years in the future, I find myself back and reminiscing about the past. Located near major malls in the Ayala area of Makati, NEW WORLD MAKATI HOTEL is the perfect place to conduct business visits with a touch of pleasure.
As I enter CAFE 1228, it seemed that nothing has changed. A very homey touch and an amazing dessert spread right as you enter.
This time around, CAFE 1228 is offering a taste of NORWAY. From May 2 to May 20, diners are treated to culinary creations of CHEF MARKUS DYBWAD. With Michellin starred restaurants under his belt, this Norwegian-born chef knows what he is doing.
 A tasting menu was offered to us as these dishes would be part of CAFE 1228's buffet spread as well.
 The lunch started off with some appetizers and finger foods celebrating the different salmon dishes that Norway is known for.
Iced Crab Claws were also served with an egg mixture to start. I enjoyed this as everything was prepared perfectly.
 GRILLED KING CRAB was the best part of the meal for me. These huge claw part were properly grilled to perfection. Having a nice buttery flavor made it sinful but delicious.
 For the chef, his favorite ingredient to cook is the mackarel. This CHARRED MACKAREL with cucumber, ponzu vinaigrette is delicious and smooth.
 The HADDOCK with POTATOES was also pretty good.
 With a very distinct smoky flavor, the fish must be eaten with the potatoes as it can be salty. If it was up to me, I would have had this with rice. That's how badly I liked it.
 To Cleanse the palate, the PARSLEY GRANITA was served. At first I thought it was matcha but since it was served with a lot of greens on the side and in an ice bowl, I figured it must be something else. I took the plunged and after one spoonful, I realized that it wasn't bad at all. This palate cleanser has the parlsey taste but also has a hint of sweetness. Granted that you won't make me eat the whole thing, a spoonful would do to restart your tongue.
 As part of their spread, CAFE 1228 also offers traditional desserts from Norway.
 This is the KVAEFJORDKAKE. It's a handful to pronounce but basically it's a borderline spongecake with meringue and sweet fillings.
 The buffet in itself is also pretty amazing. Granted that it is not as big as other restaurants or hotels but it does show its character by producing quality dishes.
Aside from these foreign dishes, they also have other stations on hand. Like their grill station, Japanese, Filipino and even pasta and noodles.
A TASTE OF NORWAY would run until May 20. The buffet price is at Php 1,999 per person for lunch on weekdays and at Php 2,299 for lunch on weekends. Php 2,399 for dinner daily.

A Taste of Norway
Cafe 1228
New World Makati Hotel
Near Greenbelt
Makati City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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