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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On a nice day after work hours the LONG BAR in RAFFLES HOTEL MAKATI is filled with hungry and workaholic fellas from the nearby business hub.
I guess they heard that the HAPPY HOUR in LONG BAR was perfect. From 5pm to 8pm, patrons would be treated to an alcoholic delight. Free flowing beer, concoctions and a platter of bar chow is served.
All the local beers and some imported ones are served. 
But if it was me, I would be going for their signature cocktails.
If you didn't know, the bar staff at the LONG BAR has a great grasp of how and what to concoct for the bar goers. 
Here, they create their own bitters and different ingredients for their amazing list of alcoholic drinks.
If you can't decide, you could also ask them to create something from nothing.
That is how creative and knowledgeable the guys are behind the bar.
 Partnered with different bar chow, you will definitely enjoy your stay here.
Ask for their version of the CHICHARON. Partnered with a tasty vinegar, this crackling pork grind is perfect. Chorizos and cheese balls are great as well.
I'm not ashamed of it but I love their version of the amaretto sour. The guy that made it gave it a little bit of twang with the addition of a citrus. Love it. 
Moving on, one could enjoy a cocktail of sorts with Oysters at the lobby lounge of the FAIRMONT HOTEL in MAKATI.
Dubbed as the OYSTRAS Y CAVA at the FAIRMONT LOUNGE, this exquisite and well curated cocktail is perfect for the foodie. From 6pm to 9pm, Sparkling Cava is served alongside different tapas and pintxos for dinners.
Pegged at Php 1,200 ++ per person, the selection isn't huge but the dishes are simple and straight forward.
I would suggest that you get a whole lot of that chorizo.
Of course, the oysters are fresh and is partnered with a lot of sauces.

You could ask the wait staff to have them grilled or cook to your liking.
A simple yet delightful take would be when you have it cooked with garlic. 
Another one would be the classic cheese.
 and BACON.

With the unlimited CAVA, you would definitely enjoy the "light" dinner.
Forgive me as I share to you the different plates I had.
Chorizo, mushrooms, shrimps, and salmon with cream cheese.
Over and over again.
And again.
For dessert, I suggest you order a few of their luxurious macarons. These are flavored to the delight of your imagination. Cheers.

Makati Ave, Makati City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out this event.
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