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Friday, June 24, 2016

On one fine night in Resorts World Manila, IMPRESSIONS presented an amazing buffet that screams incredible flavors and delicious dishes. Headed by Chef Cyrille Soenen, the BEEF and WINE NIGHT welcomed discerning guests and hungry appetites.
Located on the third floor of the Maxims Hotel in Resorts World Manila, IMPRESSIONS is the perfect date place for you and your love ones. Elegant decor and a long wine wall surrounds the restaurant. 

I could see myself bringing or even proposing to a special someone in this particular establishment. That is the vibe that IMPRESSIONS gives off. Sincere, elegant and private.

THIS particular night's theme was the "BEEF and WINE night". IMPRESSIONS offers to serve you dishes that will make your food fantasy come true.
Unlimited refills of both white and red and even a buffet spread of even greater quality.

Different meats, cheese and a create your own salad serves as the first station of the buffet. The prosciutto and the cheese makes a nice starting plate because you could partner them with a red or a white wine.

Personally, I do away with the usual combination of red to dark meat and white to chicken and fish. I would go for whatever my taste buds desire. More often than not, my choice would be white because of the sweetness and the fruity touch.

A number of bread selections with different butter and spreads were next on the table. When in a buffet, I usually skip the carbs as one can easily get full from it.

Cold dishes lined up the counter. From a Smoked Beef Bacon Salad to Thai Beef Salad and a mixture of Filipino Beef Marrow Stew served in a soup like dish.

A must try though would be the BEEF CARPACCIO. This was infused with strawberry that made the dish work. The strawberry went well with the beef that gave it a different taste dimension.

For something heavy, the guests could choose from gratinated Beef Meat Balls with Sauce Mornay or even a Beef Ravioli with 3 sauces (Pomodoro, Beef Jus, Cheese) and a home made beef sausage. I enjoyed the different dishes as they didn't overpower one another. They worked well with one another.
For something to warm up the appetite, SHREDDED BEEF with vegetables served with hot beef consomme would be your pick.

The beefyness of the consomme did a number on my taste buds. It wasn't like your ordinary soup. Rather, it gave mouth reasons to jump for joy because of the savory and umami flavor it gave out.

The highlight of this buffet would have to be the carving station. Different cuts of meat were served and cooked based on your preference. A selection of side dishes like fries and backed potatoes would accompany your choice.

You could choose between Glazed Beef Short Ribs, Top Blade and the Beef Wellington.
In my honest opinion, the BEEF wellington was my top pick among the selection.
Basically a fillet of steak that is coated with different pate and duxelles or mushrooms and cooked with puff pastry. The layering of the flavors and the elements were in perfect harmony. Everything was distinct and delicious.

Since this was a special night CHEF CYRILLE brought out a couple of off the buffet menu dishes.

The first being this home made bacon. Not overly salty and has the perfect ratio of fat to meat, this is delicious. Partnered with wine and the potatoes, it goes without saying that any bacon lover would enjoy this.

Another surprise was the prime rib. The chef is particularly known for this and I am quite delighted with the quality and the flavor he was able to extract from this cut of meat.

Cooked medium rare, I believe this is the optimum level that one could enjoy this dish. He delivered it perfectly.

Seared underneath and on the side, this is a must order when one visit IMPRESSIONS.
For dessert, a number of different sweets were brought out.

From a mango meringue to a home made marshmallow and even a white chocolate molded and designed into a pistachio nut like form.
I would be the first to say that this type of buffet is not for everyone. Given that the quantity pales in comparison with other buffet restaurant, IMPRESSIONS lures you in because of the quality, flavor, service, and attention to detail. You go here because you want the good stuff and not just any useless calories that won't make you swoon with delight. A steak is cooked medium when asked and not medium well. They know the difference and the proper cooking techniques to produce amazing dishes. Having won 4 consecutive Philippine Best Restaurants Awards is just tip of the iceberg for Chef Cyrille and Impressions. Can't wait for what he has in store next.

3rd Floor, Maxims Hotel
Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience. Thank you very much Joy, Chef Cyrille, Mae and Owen for having us.
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Written by Lovely

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