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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

From the ashes rose two different concept that is basically something one would really love when just out for snacks or maybe a QUICKIE. After a couple of hours of being stuck in traffic, I figured that I needed to relax and have fun. Thankfully, HOLE IN THE WALL in CENTURY MALL has 2 new shops to welcome foodies.

As you enter to your right, you will see a stall that is pretty much sincere with what they are doing. SERIOUS DOUGH is your go to place for pizza and pasta dishes.

Pizza by the slices is their main selling point. Different artisanal flavors were created on the basis of not rushing into anything. It took the creators 2-3 months just to perfect the crust. They wanted it to be light and airy and something everyone would enjoy.
In all honesty, I enjoyed their 4 cheese pizza. It's like I'm being transported to my childhood and I get to remember all the good things I have done with cheese. That being to eat them without fail.
Surprisingly, I enjoyed the mushroom, ricotta and spinach flavor. This had a slight garlicky taste but the cheese went well with all the elements.

More than their pizza, SERIOUS DOUGH also offers pasta dishes. I find that the cannelloni was better than the spaghetti because it was creamier and cheesier. Something that I truly enjoy. This lasagna like dish is different in a sense that it uses a cylindrical type pasta.
If there for a quick snack or dessert, MILK TRADE is the place to go to.  Located at the back, STEAMED MILK is their specialty along with the eggettes. These are your waffle like "pancakes" that are flavored. Basically the concept is very similar to Hongkong's street food.
These babies could be plain, matcha or black sesame. It would be best to partner them with steamed milk as it gives a different mouth feel.
The steamed milk has a few flavors like plain, yolk, white, and even chocolate. I would suggest that you go for the yolk and the chocolate flavor. The yolk has a nice custardy feel. The chocolate reminds me of my grade school days when I used to adore ovaltine and everything chocolate.
Shocked, an unlikely treat came in a box. I received some dessert from PASTRY AMOIRE when I visited HOLE IN THE WALL.
It was something out of the blue. Granted you won't see this in Hole in the Wall, but you could try them out over the weekend starting Friday in SM AURA. Their store being in Paranaque, this news is pretty much welcome to us northern folks. 
HOLE IN THE WALL has a couple of new shops in store for their patrons. SERIOUS DOUGH is definitely worth a try as you get to choose per slice. A contender for an amazing pizza joint. For someone with a sweet tooth, go for MILK TRADE. You definitely will ask for seconds. Cheers.


Kalayaan Ave, Makati,
Metro Manila
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Written by Lovely

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