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Saturday, June 25, 2016

For a long time now, I have been hearing about this fabled hotdog and burger place along Jupiter street in Makati. Unfortunately, I never got to try it there because of the parking situation and the traffic it entails just to get there. THANKFULLY, LAZY BASTARD just opened a branch up north.
 Located on the third floor of the expansion wing of UP TOWN CENTER KATIPUNAN, LAZY BASTARD opened its doors to the public just yesterday. Northerners need not go down to Makati to have a taste of their famous dogs and burgers.
 For their first day of operations, they gave out BACON ROSES to their patrons. Lucky enough for me, I was able to horde and got around 5 of these babies. 
Since LAZY BASTARD is just situated besides the cinemas, they also offer to deliver your food right to your seat. No need to wait and be late for that movie. I experienced this yesterday as I was able to watch in the brand new cinemas. I can't wait for the 4DX to open though.
 After the movie, I went back and had a proper meal. I went for their FAMOUS HONEY PARMESAN DOG (200Php). The hotdog is deep fried and wrapped with bacon. The buns were soft and toasted inside. They were also generously lathered with honey. Hence, there was a slight sweetness to it. Having parmesan cheese made it a little salty and thus makes a great flavor profile. Another dog to try would be the Chili dog. For chili lovers, this dog would be perfect for you although it could get overwhelming.
 Since a hotdog is never enough, I also got one of their burgers. The LIL BASTARD (120PHP). I was pleasantly surprised with the burger as the price point made it affordable but the quality and flavor was not sacrificed. The cheese, onions and pickles made it delicious. Since I love sour food, I definitely enjoyed the generous slices of pickles that they put in. The meat patty in itself is also delicious and flavorful. Well done LAZY BASTARD. WELL DONE!
 I can definitely see myself going back for more. The menu is somewhat limited now as they just opened yesterday. They have the whole range of dogs to choose from and just a single burger. I hope they could roll out the different dishes that they have from their main branch soon.
I had an amazing time in LAZY BASTARD UP TOWN CENTER KATIPUNAN. The service was fast, friendly and efficient. The prices of the dishes were affordable and student friendly. I can't wait to go back.

3rd floor, besides the cinemas
Katipunan, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: paid for my meal, wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. great hotdog indeed!

  2. HI there, yeah, lazy bastard is pretty good. Believe it or not, I just went back again. 2nd time in 3 days. :) hehehe.. I'm glad they're slowly rolling out the different dishes from their main menu :)