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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One step in and you're in a different place. BELLE and DRAGON in MAKATI was transformed into the FINALS of LA MAISON COINTREAU 2016 COCKTAIL COMPETITION Manila Edition.
 Everything was set. A DJ booth to start the night and even a bed right in the middle of the bar. Something to prepare the crowd and get them in the mood.
 Making use of the main liquor, COINTREAU, 7 finalist took the stage and made use of their wits and taste buds into creating the best drink. Presentation, Story and Relevance, Technique, Taste and Flavor and use of Cointreau. These were the different criteria used to judge the drinks. They were tasked to create a drink that has a French Muse inspiration.
 Something different, the judging was somewhat secretive. Basically, the bartenders would make the cocktails for the whole place without them knowing who would be the Final Round Judges. I believe this is important as they are kept on their toes and create the drinks perfect every time.
 While waiting, the guests were served with different bar chows that were definitely mouth watering. I enjoyed BELLE and DRAGON'S version of tacos. In actuality, these are fried wanton wrappers drizzled with all the toppings of a normal taco. Also, their version of a chicken bao was pretty good as the bread was deep fried and slightly sweet. Perfect to go with the drinks.
 To get the ball rolling, there was an open bar just before the competition. Margarita and Cosmo were among my favorites.
After settling down, the bar masters did their thing and made all the drinks that one could ever want. COINTREAU, being a versatile ingredient, was well used. This orange spirit deserves a round of applause.

 If there was one drink that I really enjoyed it was GOSSIP by CEDRIC CELLO. The use of the Cointreau was phenomenal as it worked well in hand with the different ingredients of the drink. It was fruity and sweet. Perfect for someone to enjoy the night.

The night was amazing. Party and drinks all around. Entertainment was provided by HOOCHIE COOCHIE MIKKIE and DJ MISS BADKISS. There was even a special presentation of MANILA BURLESQUE.

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
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Written by Lovely

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