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Thursday, July 7, 2016

There are only two things that wakes me up early in the morning. An episode of Game of Thrones and good food. One weekend, it was the latter that had me get up from my snugly bed and I found myself driving to EASTWOOD.
Located in the ground floor of Excelsior and just beside healthy options, this restaurant is unassuming and simple as one could be. Different dishes lined up a makeshift buffet table as friends and family partake on a delicious meal.
To celebrate the weekend, CAFE ENYE hosted a Brunch to get the word out. CAFE ENYE is having unlimited mimosas and bloody mary's for the dining public. Needless to say, I had 7 glasses of these babies and was a little bit tipsy after. This would possible be one of the reasons why I would love to go back. The booze and good food.

Different starters greeted the guests as they embarked on a mini gastronomical adventure. Since alcohol was involved it would be prudent to protect one's self by eating some oily dishes first. Based on studies, oil would coat your stomach lining. Hence, the absorption of the alcohol would slow down and decrease. The Croquettes would be perfect for this. A little addicting, the potatoish gooey middle reminds me of a childhood favorite. For something more heavy, one could go for the PATATAS BRAVAS. Drizzled with Sofrito Aioli and harissa, this one goes well with the mimosas.

A little garlicky, the GAMABAS ENYE STYLE is something shrimp lovers would enjoy. Partner it with the CILANTRO MUSSELS and CLAMS and you would definitely have a pleasant time.

If you are not a rice eater, fret not since CAFE ENYE serves CUBANO. These panini looking sandwiches could either have mahi-mahi or grilled marinated beef. I would go for the latter as the chimichuri and cheese works hand in hand to make it a delicious dish.

A little bit on the middle Eastern cuisine, the CHICKEN MOJO SKEWERS could make your day. Adding the cilantro yogurt on top balances out the spices used to make this dish. 1 cup of rice is not enough.
For Filipino food lovers, the home cured BEEF TAPA from CAFE ENYE would suit you well. Not on the sweet side, these tapas are tender and moist. 

My favorite though would be the SPANISH BREAKFAST PLATE. This is a behemoth and has a plethora of choice viands on top. Spanish style toast, crispy bacon, Spanish Chorizo, backed beans and grilled tomatoes. The chorizo is definitely a must. Adding bacon made this plate perfect.
Aside from the food, the ambiance was laid back and relaxed. This place is a gem hidden in plain sight.
Simple dishes done right. That is my impression of CAFE ENYE. Knowing that they can deliver delicious dishes is a plus that would make anyone go back for more. Cheers for the weekend.

Ground Floor Excelsior Building,
Eastwood, Quezon City
7am to 1am

Note: unlimited mimosas and bloody mary's could be availed
by adding 199Php from the brunch menu during the weekends from 9am to 2pm.

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
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