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Monday, September 12, 2016

When the word Tiffany comes into play, it exudes luxury and elegance. The WRITERS BAR in RAFFLES HOTEL MAKATI definitely knows how to execute this as they partnered with TIFFANY &CO. to create an EMPIRE STATE OF MIND.
For an afternoon delight, TEA service was introduced to the world. Sometimes people need a break from a break, hence afternoon tea was born. At TIFFANY & CO, they expect the best and that is what the WRITERS BAR does. They give you whatever you may want and will. Anticipating the need for something relaxing, they created and curated a wonderful selection of drinks, finger food and dessert.
One could start of with a selection of tea from their impressive lineup. Offering only the best, they have an impressive list of HARNEY & SONS Master Tea Blends. WRITERS BAR assures its guests of one amazing drink. If in case you would like something with a bit more kick, CHAMPAGNE service is also available.
After a few minutes of excellent tea and champagne, the whole set was delivered. For something that is being advertised as good for two, this lot is actually for three or four persons. 
SCONES were served warm and freshly baked. It came with clotted cream and strawberry jam. For some finger food,  they have a fine selection of salmon with a bit of cream cheese, ham sandwich, sausage rolls and pretzels.
The PIECE DE RESISTANCE would have to be the 3 plates of pastries, cakes, and sweet delights.

All of these goodies were baked, cooked and prepared in house. Just goes to show of the incredible talent and creativity that the kitchen of RAFFLES and FAIRMONT has.
As homage to NEW YORK, the pastries and dessert served were intertwined to it. From small cronuts, to caramel apple and gift cakes from Tiffany.
One interesting fact would be the color scheme. This particular blue was tested, sent over, rejected, tested again, and sent over again to New York for it to approved by Tiffany. Talk about detail.
Excellent service and a wonderful relaxed vibe. That is how WRITERS BAR wants to present itself. It all boils down to the little details. Something that would definitely make your visit memorable. This EMPIRE STATE OF MIND AFTERNOON TEA is available for only Php 1,500 ++. You could upgrade to sparkling cocktails and champagne.

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Spectrum: Sunday Brunch Fun at the Ranch

Ground Floor
Raffles Hotel
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue,
Metro Manila

(632) 7951840
Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try this out.
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