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Saturday, November 12, 2016

It was a feast like no other. Different high end alcoholic drinks were on display and right there for the taking. Enter the 16th GRAND WINE EXPERIENCE: The Noble Grape.
Recently held at the GRAND BALLROOM of the Marriot in the Resorts World Compound, a plethora of drinks lined up the entire ballroom. It was an attack on the senses.
As you enter, you are greeted by the red carpet and loads of delicious and quality dishes. From fresh shrimp cocktails to pecking duck wraps and even boat loads of steak.
Furthermore, rice and other carbs are present to help the guests cope with the unlimited number of drinks and alcohol variants in the venue.
Thankfully, there was also different kinds of cheese, sausages and TXANTON was even there to provide high quality meat.
More than just being a high profile party, patrons get to indulge and experience what their favorite drinks are all about. One could and should go around and talk to the vendors and their representatives to get a feel of the best of the best.
A tip would have to be to go walk from one end to another just to scout possible drinks that you may want to try.
More than just wine, they also had whisky brands and even sparkling drinks.
Personally, the HOEGAARDEN is one of my top beer choices.
More so when they introduced the ROSEE FLAVOR. This may seem to be a ladies' drink but believe me when I say it doesn't taste like normal beer. The sweetness and the mild strokes are just perfect.
Speaking off, sweet tooth lovers are also welcome. They are greeted by unlimited sources of sugar such as this chocolate table!
This 16th version of the GRAND WINE EXPERIENCE is nothing short of spectacular. The drink choices are too many to mention. Other than that, the food is also delicious. This is a fine time for wine lovers and alcoholic drinkers indeed.

PRO TIP: Come in early so that you could take your time and check out the different station on your pace. Speaking of such, don't rush. Enjoy each sip. If it becomes a bit too crowded, go out of the room and take a breather at one of the couches. Cheers.

Can't wait for the next one.

** There are also masterclasses that teach and get you a bit of everything.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this event.
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