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Monday, December 5, 2016

Bitters, herbs, spices, and liquor. Different ingredients to one amazing alcoholic night. Named as the 14th best bar in Asia, it makes sense when you enter ALCOHOL BY VOLUME. More than just drinks, it's an experience.
Having the same entrance as LAZY BASTARD, guests could order mouth watering hotdogs to go with their drinks.
Tucked away in a plain-looking basement in Makati, guests would need to pass through a secret elevator door just to get in this discreet bar. Reminisce of the prohibition era in the United States, ALCOHOL BY VOLUME or ABV as regulars call it, is one of the pioneer high end bars to visit in the metro.
It's like an old-school elevator.. taking you to the bar of your dreams.
Drinks are created based on your preference. A list of signature and classic favorites are also there in case you can't decide on what to get. The staff are knowledgeable about their menu and could easily recommend a drink or two based on your liking.
The Sazerac. Perfect with the steak.
To experience the best, one must be willing to learn why it is the best. Drinks are created from scratch. This is not like your normal bar where everything is pre-mixed and served in a cold glass. When one orders, that is the only time that different high end ingredients are mixed together to concoct liquid gold.
The Last Word coming right up.
Recently, ABV launched their Fête du Bœuf. It is a set dinner of their Signature Steak, House Salad, Unlimited Frites and Bread that is served from Monday-Wednesday at 5-9pm.
Salad for you and for me.
Starting with their salad, you get the right blend of acid and sweetness. Candied walnuts are added to give each bite a different texture.
Surprisingly, the steak is huge. At 10 OZ, this USDA CHOICE RIBEYE STEAK is a mouthful. Grilled at the perfect temperature, each bite makes you smile with delight. Partnered with your choice beverage, it points down to one happy camper. The Frites is unlimited. Since you are drinking, it's a good source of oil and fatty goodness to protect your stomach lining.
Dessert is another part of the meal that must not be skipped. Unexpectedly, ABV's spread is a thing of beauty. A general rule would be to stay away from desserts in bars. At ABV, patrons are advised to try as many as you can. From Beignets to Chocolate truffle cake and even profiteroles, they all stand out. If there was one pastry that is highly recommended, it would be the NUTELLA ECLAIRS. Topped with chocolate pralines, this is filled with a light nutella cream. The flavor just explodes in your mouth.
Exploding Nutella Eclairs
Known for their drinks, Alcohol by Volume definitely has a strong suit when it comes to their food choices. Usually, a normal bar experience would be good drinks and so-so food. In contrast, at ABV,  their drinks are phenomenal and their food are mouth-watering delicious. It's a win-win.

Basement Floor
22 Jupiter St., Makati City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to this dinner. Wrote this based on my experience.
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