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Thursday, December 15, 2016

I have been waiting for this since ever. I have heard the news and doubted it. Thankfully, I was  wrong. PARADISE DYNASTY is now in MANILA.
Ever since I tried Paradise Dynasty in Singapore a few years back which you can check out here, I prayed for it to open one at home. Although quite far from my place of residence, PARADISE DYNASTY is located in S MAISON MALL down south and is worth the trip.
First things first. If this is your maiden visit to PARADISE DYNASTY, try their 8 flavored XLB set. Here, you will be able to distinguish what you like and what you won't get on your return visit. Personally, the FOIE GRAS and the CRAB ROE are the best flavors.
More than just XLB, PARADISE DYNASTY has a diverse menu that is quite reasonable and priced almost the same as its competitors.
One could start with something healthy just to get rid of the guilt.
 This rolled leafy green vegetable salad is partnered with a peanut sesame dip. Perfect for those that want healthy grab and go options.
 For something more traditional, the PORK DUMPLING with chili vinaigrette might be for you. Believe it or not, the sauce isn't too much that it's tolerable for anyone.
Something light, the chilled PORK with minced garlic and soya sauce is ideal. Perfect to prepare you on your culinary journey.
A crowd favorite, the steamed glutinous rice is stuffed in red dates. It's quite sweet yet it gives off a taste that could play with the flavors in your mouth.
If there was one dish, other than the XLB, to try, it would be the RADISH PASTRY.
Cooked to perfection and executed extremely well, this pastry is crunchy outside yet steaming hot inside. The radish strips are delightful and the shell delicious as well.
The DOUBLE BOILED CHICKEN SOUP was just an okay dish for me. You could skip this in favor of other savory items. BUT, if you are looking for something light to warm up your stomach, this might do the trick.
Surprisingly the dry noodle, LA MIAN is a joy to eat. Being able to absorb the different ingredients and flavors, it is both savory and umami.
A bit different but tasty none the less, the SHREDDED PORK in BLACK BEAN SAUCE is the right snack for pecking duck lovers. This is consumed by wrapping it with Chinese crepe. Just like pecking duck.

Others might find the SCRAMBLED EGG with WHITE FISH and CONPOY bland. For me, I liked it so much that I couldn't help but finish one whole order. The egg white was cooked in a manner that it represented crab meat. This dish was actually created to be similar in texture with crabs. The fish and conpoy flavors would equate to something seafoody. Hence, its creation.
Shrimp lovers would rejoice with the STIR FRIED RIVER SHRIMPS. Each one is carefully removed from their shell and can be easily eaten. Pretty light yet filling.

Moving onto serious dishes, the SPICY SZECHUAN CRISPY CHICKEN is perfect with rice. Although filled with peppers, everything is balanced and well thought off.
 For something more child friendly, the DEEP FRIED GARLIC PORK RIBS would work. Masterfully done, the ribs are tender and flavorful.
For the grand finale, the POACHED BEEF in  SZECHUAN OIL is not for the faint of hearts. The BEEF is moist and tender. IT has absorbed the pepper flavors. Be careful when ordering this as it might burn your tongue. Thankfully, you could ask for it to be mild. Just mind the peppers.
Surprisingly, PARADISE DYNASTY is very competitive and literally a joy to visit. The interiors and ambiance is way better than others and it carries a price tag that isn't as expensive as hotel restaurants. The service is impeccable and the queuing system organized. The food is delicious and is of quality. I would definitely return in a heart beat. If only they would open somewhere up north.

Paradise Dynasty Experience in Singapore

China Blue: A Notch above the rest. Conrad Hotel Manila

PROTIP: Order your favorite flavor of the XLB instead of the 8 flavors.
They have a promo for diners with regards to parking (until end of December 2016).

2nd level
S Maison Mall,
Pasay, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Visited this branch twice already. One for an invite while another on my own accord.
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