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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL comes into mind, there's this quiet and very discreet restaurant that gives you one heck of a time. Dimly lit and perfect for any intimate occasion, you won't go wrong with THE FIREPLACE. The FIREPLACE maybe known as a romantic destination  but on the flip side, it is very homey and welcomes guests, families, and travelers alike.
As one enters, you are greeted by a huge oven with a fireplace look. To complete the authenticity, actual wood on the side. They use it to cook and smoke the different dishes that they serve.
The FIREPLACE is also known as a carnivore's playground. And yet, they also offer starters that could delight any type of appetite.
For something light, one could go for the CEASAR SALAD. With crisp pancetta on the side, you don't need to be a vegetarian to enjoy this one. Seafood lovers have the option to order some baked oysters and even smoked salmon. The oysters are filled with gooey cheese and herbs while the salmon has a deeper flavor.
Something different, the FIREPLACE introduced a couple of promotions to spice up their patrons cravings. For MONDAY BLUES, one could go for unlimited burgers and beer. Pegged at Php 1,700 Php, everyone is welcome to try out limitless serving of beer and burgers. One could choose from a SAN MIGUEL PALE PILSEN or a SAN MIGUEL LIGHT. Interestingly enough, the KALINGA KOLSCH would be the top pick. A craft beer that is locally made, this one is both light and refreshing.
The burger, on the other hand, is a different matter altogether. Covered with a couple of quail eggs, a thick and juicy patty is served alongside some medium cut fries. One bite and you realize the serious quality of the meat used to create this monster.
On Sundays, a different deal is up for grab. UNLIMITED WINE and RIBS are served for dinner time. Wine choices would depend on the availability that night. The ribs though are a specialty. Not offered on the regular menu, this slab of meat is moist and tender. Each bite gives a savory and sweet taste. Partnered with some coleslaw, you get to understand the contrasting play.
Needless to say, one really goes to THE FIREPLACE because of the STEAK. The HANGING TENDER gives off a tasty and juicy piece of meat. BUT, it is the WAGYU RIBEYE that would get anyone's attention. Tender and delicately grilled. This bad boy is a must when visiting the Fireplace.
Dessert is also an ideal way to cap off any dinner.  At the FIREPLACE, you won't go wrong with any on the menu.
The MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE is a feast for the senses. A mouthful doesn't overpower you. It makes you swoon with delight. Other than that, the MATCHA CHEESECAKE is also a winner. One could taste the matcha bitterness alongside the hint of the dairy making it a balanced ending.


1588 Pedro Gill cor MH Del Pilar,
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
+632 2526888

Opens at dinner time.

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