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Friday, May 12, 2017

When one thinks about royalty and luxury, one can't help but wonder about FRANCE'S MARIE ANTOINETTE. Surrounded by intrigue and opulence MARIE ANTOINETTE is synonymous to having a grand time. At RAFFLES' WRITERS BAR, you can't help but indulge. One specific way would be to partake of the AFTERNOON TEA that's patterned to the lifestyle of Marie. This is the perfect afternoon delight.
Right from the start, a plethora of choices would greet you as to what type of tea you may wish to have. Take note, you can also upgrade to having sparkling drinks too just because it's time to relax. For this instance, Raffles' very own blend was the right choice. A hint of sweetness with the right amount of relaxing notes, it came perfect for the afternoon treat.
Taking note that AFTERNOON TEA has a 3 stage effect, you are served with sweets, pastries, and seasonal tarts among other items. One level would have the short bread and the scones. Served with clotted cream and jam, one bite is a little heavy but goes extremely well with tea. These aren't the ones you get at the grocery store. They are baked fresh daily and are extremely artisan-like in nature. With attention to detail, the short breads are designed in such a way that it would remind you of France. Meticulously worked on, you tell yourself to appreciate the design and the workmanship put into each detailed snack just before munching on them.
Another layer would have the sweet touches of macaron, tarts, and even madeleines. Special mention has to go with meringue type dessert. Strawberry is placed on top and is surrounded by this crunchy texture. With the syrup inside, flavors burst each time you put it in your mouth.
Just so that to keep everything in balance, one layer contains sandwiches, quiche, and even egg based snacks. One has a foie gras while another is topped with a mixture of eggs and mayonnaise. You may opt to skip this but the foie gras is just wonderfully delicious.
MARIE ANTOINETTE may have had a wonderful time early on that resulted to a disastrous end. Fear not as this afternoon tea is made sure that you enjoy your stay all throughout.

Ground Floor
Raffles Hotel
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue,
Metro Manila
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Written by Lovely

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