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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I have no talent when it comes to art. I don't know how to draw and I still can't even get past the stick figures when it comes to making a family portrait. I was pretty much surprised as I heard that Marco Polo Ortigas was bringing in a guy that is both an artist and a chef.
  From PALETTE to PALATE. It was the name of the new promotion of MARCO POLO ORTIGAS CUCINA. 
 Rightly so because the chef is known for making beautiful sketches and drawings of his dishes just before executing them.
 Chef Ramon Antonio is one artsy chef. He creates dishes in his head with the end in mind. Plating and of course flavor and quality that comes with them.
 As you enter CUCINA, you get to see the usual offerings. From the carving station, to the on the spot cooked paella and of course the Salads, sushi and sashimi, and even a make your own pasta.
Because of this new offering, the fun starts. A twist of ideas is created when different dishes were brought out by the chef. 
For starters, he had some GINATAANG SANTOL, KINILAW BISAYA, and BIYARING. The Ginataang Santol is Bicol's version of a santol coconut dip mixed with camote chips. It has a tendecy to be over powering in terms of flavor so it might be a good idea of having this last. The Kinilaw Bisaya is a Cebuano styled mackerel ceviche. Lastly, the Biyaring is a Maranaw version of Shrimp Ceviche. These dishes aren't the usual types that you would see in the metro. In all my years of eating Filipino food, it gives me pleasure to realize that there are something more that the usual sinigang and adobo. Chef Ramon really outdid himself.
For the soup course, the BINAKOL would do the trick. Illongo grilled chicken is mixed with coconut soup to create a balance of flavors. There's a bit of saltiness that's flattened out by the sweet coconut bites mixed into the soup. This one is a must try. 
One of the mains that Chef Ramon is proud of would be the Kaldereta. Made from scratch. He did a little trick. The usual liver sauce came from foie gras and the blackened grain on the side is actually Bugas Mais or corn cooked in squid ink. This is just incredible. The meat is tender and moist while the sauce is perfect with the corn.
 For dessert, the chef also had a few surprises. Old school Filipino rice dishes were turned into works of art. Something that our grand parents would be proud off.

From PALETTE to PALATE with Chef Ramon Antonio would be available August 22 to 31 in CUCINA of Marco Polo Ortigas. Lunch for Monday-Saturday is pegged at 1,500 while dinner is 1,800 Php for Monday to Friday and Sunday. Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch is at 2,650.

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