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Monday, October 23, 2017

Variety. That's the name of the game. With more and more choices to pick from, diners tend to just toss a coin and go for whatever is convenient and nearby. Then the food parks came in. Usually a compound that would have a number of mini-establishments that serve different dishes and food that seems like the best go to place. These stand alone food factories are your best bet if you want to have a lot of options when it comes to food.
A couple of factors that hinders people from going to them would be the parking and the ambiance. At MALINGAP CENTRAL FOOD HALL, they fixed that. First of, parking is very much free and could definitely accommodate a lot. Around 16 cars could fit in front while the rest could park along the street and even at other establishments nearby. In terms of ambiance, the place is fun, colorful, and did I mention cold? Yes, this is one of the few food parks that let's you relax and have a breather from the heat. That is why, this place is open to the public from 11am to 10pm unlike other places.
Furthermore, the famous Chef Ed Bugia of Backyard Fame curated and hand picked each of the different stalls that is present in MALINGAP CENTRAL FOOD HALL.
Taken from Malingap Central Food Hall Facebook Page
One reason why I visited the place early on was because of TAZA PLATITO. This dessert heaven is known as one of the top picks of Lori Baltazar from Dessert Comes First. Rightfully so, as I could personally vouch for the cupcakes and the different sweet endings Taza Platito has been creating these past few years.
One should try out their EBTKS cookie. Each bite gives off a different texture because EBTKS translates to "everything but the kitchen sink". Different types of nuts, chocolate, and whatever you could think off is part of this cookie. This would go well with milk. If only, they had that on the menu.
For some Mexican flavor, you could try out EL SOMBRERO. Burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and a lot more. Check out their huge menu and try out their soft tacos. Pretty good.
Quixote, on the other hand, is somewhat similar but different. They offer Spanish cuisine like paella and even churros.
At the back of the place, you will find a gem. Alfred's Roast Beef has been known to a number of meat lovers for years. Huge cut of meat with a 50:50 ratio of fat and beef, you can't go wrong partnering it with rice and their secret sauce.
If you're up for some kebabs, SHISHK got you covered. Long skewered meat is grilled and served with a generous amount of spicy and mild sauce.
One surprise stall would be HAPITORI. According the the owner and chef, this is their first venture into the food industry. Surprisingly, Chef Eugene came from HR but always keeps on coming back to food. So this venture of his is all about easy to eat Japanese Style Yakitori. The chicken ass and the chicken skin are to die for. Partner them up with their special rice and you will be good to go.
Other than these stalls, there are still a lot more to open. SWEET X just opened a lite version of their restaurant that would offer delicious hamburgers. Another dessert place might also open but I guess that's that. Drinks are pretty much affordable with 50Php a bottle, you can't go wrong with that. Congratulations Chef Ed!

40 Malingap Street,
Teacher's Village East, Diliman, Quezon City

Disclaimer:visited on my own. Paid for my meal. Got to try the cookie from Taza Platito and some other sticks from Hapitori for free though.
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  1. Went to Malingap Food Central and found it pleasantly cool. I like the idea of an airconditioned food hall. The hall was clean and well-kept. For lunch today, we ordered from the following outlets:

    1. Alfredo's : Found the portions on the small side and the sauce a tad salty. I ordered the combo only to find out that the ciabatta they advertised was not available! Taste-wise, it was okay and would probably go better with rice instead of the lasagna. However, the meat was not as tender as I expected and the presence of 'litid' (tendons) was just too much. I've tasted a better roast beef in another tiangge last Christmas.

    2. Sticky pig - Got the seafood creamy pasta. Taste was excellent but the portions were also on the small side considering the price.

    3. Quixote - Ordered a plate of garlic and cheese quesadilla. Nothing spectacular about it. Cheese tasted like a local variety on the salty side

    4. Tazza platito - Got their polvoron cheesecake which my daughter liked although she added that it could use a bit more of polvoron on top and in the crust. Her comment, "It's good but it could be better"

    5. Bar fight - My daughter liked the banana milk but their melon drink can still be improved. It tasted watery at first taste. Juices and drinks (like banana milk) are not chilled so lots of ice are added to compensate which makes the drink even more watery as the ice melts. It begs the question: shouldnt' milk-based drinks be chilled to avoid spoilage?

    1. Hi Lauren's Mom!

      Awesome insight. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions on the different dishes you guys tried in Malingap Street Food Hall.

      For me, I usually go back for the Burgers at Sweet Ecstacy (sweet x go). And if I have the time I go for the different sticks from Hapitori partnered with lots of rice.

      The desserts from Tazza would also do the trick if I'm craving for something sweet but not overly so. I hope you guys were able to try
      the lemon and olive.


    2. Does Quixote have quesadilla already? Huh, weird. Anyway their paellas are amazing! And the churros! Wow nostalgic!