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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

If there's one place that beer drinkers would love to visit when in BAGUIO, it would be the BAGUIO CRAFT BREWERY. Located along Marcos Highway, it's super easy to spot this watering hole.
Divided into three distinct areas, the over all feel of the place is homey and chill. There's a bar on the 2nd floor and third floor. Also, they even have a speak easy just for those people that like cocktails.
The second floor has a more complete lineup of drinks. Once you enter, they ask if it's your first time and they teach you about the different beers that they have. They could even let you have a free taste just so that you could get what you want. Personally, I prefer the third floor just because there's a viewing deck somewhat.
Food wise, their dishes are pretty good. They are mostly marinated with some type of beer and are best partnered with your choice of alcohol. The ISAW or intestines has a sweet and savory flavor good for light beers. It's actually similar to BALOT or duck embryo. Although, the balot is a bit spicier.
One could also never go wrong with the fish and chips. Soft fish and crispy beer batter. Goes extremely well with their offerings.
Most of the beers here are made in house. One thing to note though is their ordering system. Usually, they would ask you to pay every time you order. For someone that likes drinking and keeps on going back and forth, I would suggest to open a tab instead. You just have to leave your valid ID with them so that you could pay at the end of your drinking spree.
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I enjoyed my visit to BAGUIO CRAFT BREWERY. Although some might say that the food and the drinks are a bit expensive, the experience and the flavors are pretty much at par with what you could have in Manila and abroad. Amazing stuff at this BAGUIO BREWERY.

Open daily at 1pm
120 RKC Building, Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Central
Baguio City

Disclaimer:Visited on my own time. Paid for our meal. Wrote this based on my experience.

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