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Thursday, February 8, 2018

One reason that made me visit Taiwan was definitely its food. Actually, I've been to Taiwan more than 3x just because of its food. As a person that likes to eat, Taipei is one of the most must visit places for Filipinos. The culture and history is present. The people are kind and helpful. Infrastructure is taken cared of and of course the food is delicious and not that expensive.
Of course, I can't visit Taiwan all the time. I'm thankful that FAT FOOK KITCHEN opened to the public. This restaurant serves authentic Taiwanese dishes that reminds me of my trips to this wonderful country. FAT FOOK KITCHEN recently opened a branch in ROBINSON GALLERIA. Part of the new wing that houses different innovative restaurants, FAT FOOK definitely draws in the crowd.
When you visit, the first thing that you should go for would be the beef noodles. The taste and flavor takes me back to the first meal I had the first time I was in Taipei. Hungry, I readily devoured that bowl. This reminds me of that.
If you're not up for something with soup, you could go for one of their dry noodle variants.
One dish that is also a welcome treat from Taiwan would be their XLB. Xiao Long Baos are dumplings with soup in them. The ones from FAT FOOK took it a notch higher by offering SALTED EGG flavor.
When  you've been to Taipei, one of the must visit places would be their night markets. These are streets that are lined up by different stalls that sells food and even gadgets and offer parlor games as well. The Taiwanese sausages are a staple in these night markets. They give a bit of a sweet touch to the savory aspect.
To make any meal complete, guests are invited to try out their spareribs and even shrimps.
The spareribs were cooked properly and the shrimps were drowned with salted egg flavoring to make it one heck of a dish.
A new dish from FAT FOOK would be their SPICY BEEF BRAISED SOUP.
Interesting how it comes with an instruction sheet on how to properly try it out. This spicy beef is partnered with a clear broth noodle soup and rice. The beef is tender and delicious but beware, it is spicy! If you're into that, this is the dish for you.
One thing new from FAT FOOK KITCHEN ROBINSON GALLERIA is that they have a take out counter. Here, you're able to go for snacks that you could bring while you go around the mall. Plus, they also serve some milk tea to booth.

G/F Robinson Galleria
Edsa, Quezon City,
Metro Manila.
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Written by Lovely

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