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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

 Messy but down right delicious. That's how I perceive the Prosperity Toss. During the Chinese New Year, the Filipino Community joins our Chinese brothers in celebrating this joyful occasion. At Marco Polo Manila, they have prepared a lavish feast to allow everyone to experience a gastronomic meal for the Chinese new Year.
Up high in the clouds, MARCO POLO MANILA stands as one of the most noticeable hotels in the Ortigas Area. It houses one of the best Chinese Restaurant in the Metro, Lung Hin. Here, guests are served delicious dishes that would bring up flavors to please their palates.
 One could start things off with the steamed shrimp dumplings with gold leaf. Not your usual hakaw, these dumplings are huge and packs a punch. A crowd pleaser though would be the PEKING DUCK with Osmanthus Jelly on Potato Chip. Granted that the potato chip came out of no where, it does add texture to the entire dish. The pecking duck is scrumptious while the addition of the jelly makes everything blend together.
 Since Chinese New Year is coming up, the PROSPERITY TOSS with SALMON is the way to go. Different ingredients are joined together to make up one exciting dish. Each part represents different aspect in life such as wealth, health, and happiness. Diners and guests are invited to use their chopsticks and toss the ingredients around. The higher the better as it brings good luck.
 Soup lovers would love the Sauteed Tiger Shrimp Ball in Supreme Chicken Stock and the Double-Boiled Chicken with Red Dates and Wolfberry Soup.
This boils down to personal preference. One could just go with the shrimp or the chicken. Honestly, I enjoyed them both. The chicken has a clear and clean taste while the Supreme Chicken stock gives it more depth.
The Pan Fried Grouper Fillet with truffle oil and sugar peas was somewhat normal for me. I failed to taste the truffle oil. It must have been very minimal.
 To sum everything up, the BRAISED SOUTH AFRICAN ABALONE with Hong Kong dried Sausage and waxed meat fried rice was intense. It's a dish that gives out a smooth and straightforward flavor. It must not be missed.
Noodles should also be present in any Chinese themed dinner. The Crispy egg noodle with prawn ball and minced pork gave a balanced end to the meal.
Visiting LUNG HIN in MARCO POLO MANILA is a must whenever you're in the area. The restaurant showcases different Chinese dishes that would be perfect for the upcoming New Year.

1600 Meralco Avenue,
San Antonio, Pasig City,
Metro Manila.
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Written by Lovely

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