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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sunday is the best day to have a relaxing and intimate brunch. It's not too early and it's just that perfect time to regroup and have a delicious way to just enjoy the end of a week. At RAFFLES MAKATI'S MIREIO, they have a luxury inspired themed buffet that would definitely make your taste buds tingle with joy. It's quite deceptive but with all the high end dishes that they serve, you'll definitely have a grand time visiting them on a Sunday Brunch.
As you enter the restaurant, a number of dishes will greet your eyes. There are starters like different types of cheese and freshly baked breads and cold cuts. Furthermore, there are salads and small bites that would definitely tease you to get more.
The mains are really set on making you feel how blessed it is on a Sunday. They have huge cuts of prime rib.
You could actually ask them for your preference.
There is also lamb that doesn't have that gaminess feel. Quite delicious.
For Filipinos, Sunday Celebrations aren't complete without roasted pig. Here we have the lechon all carved up and ready for the taking.
Seafoods are also prepared and could be cooked with butter. Having lobsters seals the deal.
MIREIO'S Sunday Brunch is made more important because of the different live stations.
One has an "open faced" sandwich ready for the taking. All you need to do is pick which one would make it to your table. It could be a guacamole inspired with peas on top or a ham with cream cheese and  a salmon with beet puree.
They also have afresh ceviche station that could make salmon or tuna for you. They add a bit of truffle to make the experience wonderful.
Another must not miss station would be the risotto.
Each order is cooked right on the spot. They're also mixed inside a cheese wheel to make it creamier and decadent.
Plus, diners are treated to some Foie Gras as well. Let me tell you, this liver is just buttery and deadly. I could definitely ask for seconds.
Since Mireio is a French Restaurant, their dessert spread covers different types of French creations. There are macarons, eclairs, and a whole lot more.
MIREIO is located in Raffles Makati. Their Sunday Brunch Buffet is from 12pm to 3pm at Php 2,450 per person. One could upgrade it with unlimited softdrinks, juice, wine, and selected cocktails for an additional Php 895. For something more special, you could enjoy limitless Taittinger Champagne with an additional Php1,288.

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Written by Lovely

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