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Monday, May 7, 2018

 The simple joys in life. Being able to eat good food at not so high prices. No extras just the exact things that you need. At MY OWN RAMEN in Malate, Manila, they give you that and more. They let you customize and pick how you would get your ramen.
 Located along the busy street of Mabini Street in Malate, Manila, My Own Ramen prides itself as a down to earth ramen store. With a modest footprint, it caters mostly to late night eats and after hours munchies but they are open from lunch time.
 Currently in soft opening phase, they have yet to push their menu all out. So for now, they only have two things on their menu. RAMEN and WAGYU CUBES.
At less than half the price of usual ramens, MY OWN RAMEN is a steal. Here, you are given a piece of paper where you could customize and pick your choice.
There's actually a Chef's Choice where they pick the different items to be placed in your ramen. On the other hand, picky eaters could mix and match the different options given. You could set your spicy level and even get a second serving of noodles. One sip in, and you realize the balance between the garlicky and the smoothness of the broth. Hence, the extra order of noodles. Believe it or not, I wish they serve rice because it's a perfect match with the soup.
 Also, don't forget to order their caramelized wagyu cubes. This little buddies are a bundle of joy. Granted that it may cost a bit compared to the usual cubes, they are perfect with rice and maybe an order of egg. Definitely a must try.

MY OWN RAMEN is open from Monday to Saturdays from 11am to 11pm. The basic bowl is at Php 250 while the Chef's Choice is Php 300.

1751 Mabini Street Malate
1107 Manila, Philippines

Right infront of Maybank
There's parking space.

Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. The meal was courtesy of one of the owners.
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