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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A little bit of pampering could go a long way. After a solid work week, a much needed break is in order. I guess going on a staycation works for everyone. Sometimes, it's best to just relax and treat yourself to something a cut above the rest. At RAFFLES HOTEL in MAKATI, they think about the different things that you would need and would make everything work for you.
Aside from the glamorous hotel lobby, RAFFLES HOTEL shouts exclusivity and privacy. They have their own pool and a special walk way that could only be accessed by its guests. In addition to having everything at arm's length, patrons of RAFFLES HOTEL is definitely spoiled. Each suite has its own dedicated butler. Even if I wasn't able to really experience this service during my stay, I did liked their turn down service that replenished all the things that I used. From toiletries to soiled linens and even a little treat before going to bed. Everything was prepared in anticipation of my needs. Although, I didn't get it why they had a birthday cake for me even if it was months ago, I did appreciate the gesture.
In their lowest room category, you are greeted by an anteroom that has its own sofa and table with chairs. Here, there's even a tv and a coffee maker for your use. Entering the main room, the bed is prepared to your specifications. A short hallway that has a couple of cabinets, would lead to the huge bathroom.
The washroom is somewhat double a size of a normal one. There's a separate bathtub and a his and hers sink. The tub would be the perfect place to read a book or even just soak up all the sun from the outside.
Visited the Presidential Suite of Raffles Hotel.
Even if I didn't experience in-room check-in that some guests rave about, I was able to appreciate the small details. I realized how RAFFLES is different from all the rest.

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue,
Makati City, 1224 , Philippines.

Disclaimer: Stay was courtesy of Raffles Hotel. Wrote this based on my experience and opinion.
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