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Thursday, May 3, 2018

When one talks about Peruvian dishes one restaurant comes into mind. SAMBA. The Shangri-La Fort has this pool side restaurant as the one to visit when thinking about ceviche and other delicious seafood dishes
Samba has been there for quite some time. It caters mainly to the dining crowd as it has an outdoor seating area with a nice view. For diners that is allergic to the heat, they could head on over to their indoor area and relax.
Most if not all of their dishes are from the sea but they are definitely fresh and spot on. One could start out their soft shell crab dish. Deep fried, this thing of beauty could make your mouth watery after a bite. Everything is crispy and you could eat it. Unlike traditional crabs, everything here will definitely end up in your tummy.
When visiting SAMBA, you should know that their best sellers would be the CEVICHES. Here, we have three of their best version. Each giving distinct flavors. Take note though, one is a bit spicy and hot. The other is a mix of seafood and the other is made with grouper.
For something a bit healthy, you could go for some quinoa. This one is topped with shrimps and some cheese to give it a creamier texture.
When one visits SAMBA at Shangri-La FORT, one should always go for the anticucho de pulpo. Basically grilled octopus, the meat isn't rubbery nor mushy. It had the perfect mouth feel.

Somewhat similar to Paella, the Arroz Con Mariscos is the Peruvian Seafood Rice. Different flavors create a heavy yet mouthful of a treat. A bit thick but smooth, this one is one for the books.
Visiting SAMBA for lunch is a nice way to relax after a hectic morning. From Monday to Fridays they offer a wide variety of time and pocket friendly dining options.
On a personal note, thank you Shangri-La Fort Family for the amazing send off! Cheers guys!

30th Street Corner 5th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila

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