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Thursday, November 28, 2019

 One of the few places I know that serves Singaporean food would be WEE NAM KEE. This franchise from Singapore has been around for a few years in the metro. I haven't visited them in awhile and I wanted to see what new things they had to offer. 
One lazy afternoon, I went on over to their Makati branch in Ayala triangle. If you're planning to watch the lights and sounds show at night, they also offer outside dining.
 It was nice to see that they offer refreshing coolers. Drinks such as the Strawberry Passion Fruit, Fresh Barley, Milk tea, and even their in house iced tea provided a much needed break from the humid weather.
A visit to WEE NAM KEE will not be complete if you don't try their HIANANESE CHICKEN. You could actually pick between a combination of roasted and steamed. Both giving different texture and flavor profile, it is best to partner them with the sauces. You could go with the chili route, sweet soy sauce, and the ginger and garlic.
Something different would be their CURRY FISH FILLET. Not too spicy, this dish would make you want to eat a lot of rice. The curry went well with the fillet.
 Speaking of rice, they offer a variety of such. You could go with their hiananese rice which was flavorful and fragrant. For fried rice lovers, they got this PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE WITH CHINESE CHORIZO. It's a sweet and tangy twist on fried rice. If that's not your bet, the SAMBAL FRIED RICE is a great alternative as well.
 For other main choices, you could go with the ROAST PORK AND BARBECUE PORK  and GRILLED US FLAT IRON STEAK WITH SWEET SOY SAUCE.
 The Roast Pork offered crunchy skin and moist meat. Kids would definitely enjoy it. The BBQ Pork had a sweet flavor to it. It makes you want to eat a lot of carbs. The US Flat Iron Steak is their take on something sizzling. The meat was tender and perfect for any meal.
WEE NAME KEE is the place to go for your HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE FIX. This Singaporean Restaurant has been in the metro for years. It's your comfort food at its finest.

WEE NAM KEE IS PRESENT AT DIFFERENT LOCATIONS in the Metro. I visited the one in Ayala Triangle. I wrote this article based on my opinions. I was invited to try out this dishes.
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