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Monday, May 18, 2020

 It has been a roller coaster ride for the past few weeks. Metro Manila is one of the worst hit in the Philippines. Places were placed on lockdown and one could not go out of their houses without the right reasons. For health and safety wise, this was a good idea. Although, mass testing would be a key part of helping the community. Anyways, I'm here to get off the couch and write about the things that I bought or received that might tickle your fancy. During this quarantine, you can't really go to a restaurant and eat there. The best solution is to either cook or have your food delivered. Here are some of the things I ate during this metro manila freeze.
For my sweet tooth, I went for some TAZA PLATITO's everything but the kitchen sink cookies. From marshmallows to pretzels, and nuts and chocolate. These are really good and would certainly help your appetite. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I would sneak off to the cookie jar and get some of these babies. You can read more about taza platito here.
 For some afternoon snacks, one could go for MERASHIAN'S chicken pie. These empanada like pies are really good. The crust are just right. The filling wasn't dry. It actually reminded me of those red ribbon snacks. Just put them in the toaster and they should be fine. Thank you very much Mitch and Mikee for this.
 I'm no longer a house of bao virgin. That's what I told myself yesterday. As I tried it, the smell and taste reminded me of my travels to Taipei. These little munchins from HOUSE OF BAO were moist and just right. There are actually 3 flavors to choose from. Chicken, vegetarian, and the pork. If I was going to order again, it would be all pork. Reheating them on a pan with little oil and water works well as it gives you a toasty bottom.
 One of the most easiest transaction I have ever made during this quarantine period would be with FALAFEL YO. You just need to go to their website and they will handle everything. From ordering, payment via credit card, and even delivery. The falafels hit the spot. Ever since I have tasted them a few years back, I realized that I actually like these little balls. Deep fried, they are sandwiched in pita bread. Add a little bit of hummus and even fries and everything would be fine. This is comfort food at its finest.
 See that popsicle stick? Yes, it's from that restaurant. LIVESTOCK is known for having crunchy skin crispy pata with moist and delicious meat inside. Ever since I tried Livestock, I have tried them a number of times. From deliveries to takeouts, and even dine in, this place has a lot of fond memories. Aside from crispy pata, they're also known for other Filipino dishes. You can read more about livestock here.

For people craving for ramen, one place that now has a take home packet would be RAMEN NAGI. Since a couple of weeks back, they started piloting ramen boxes. These small boxes have a lot of ingredients for you to take home and reheat. From there, you got your own bowl of ramen. Aside from ramen, they also offer other dishes like karaage. You can read about ramen nagi here.
 One of the first restaurants to stay open in UP TOWN KATIPUNAN would be MAMA LOUS. They were the first restaurant I tried out when Metro Manila was in lockdown. The food was okay but it was a little bit of hassle coordinating pick up. I understand that during this time we need to be a little more patient. Aside from some ordered items missing and being late when the pickup time was confirmed, the food was okay. It was good enough to heed my cravings.

 During this time, I hope everybody could keep safe and sound. Remember that our rights are synonymous to respecting others as well. When going out, please wear the proper PPE and do social distancing. Stop touching your mask and moving it around. Stay safe.

Disclaimer: bought all of these food except for the merashian chicken pie as they were given as a gift.
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