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Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Today is a day that would be filled with accusations and counter accusations not to mention controversies and electoral fraud and sabotage... NOT! Just kidding!!! With all the attention towards the midterm elections and media hype because of the PCOS machine, senatorial candidates and the quick count, I needed something to keep my mind away from all the drama.

Good thing my friend Ms. J invited me to look away from all the stress and to teach her how to drive and park her new baby. Let me tell you this though. Guiding someone to drive is STRESS made into, not an intermittent feeling but rather a constant while undergoing the whole teaching endeavor.
So, I asked her the most quintessential question. "Saan moko papakaenin?". 

Her immediate add-on to her invitation was "insured ka naman diba?". WOW!!!
Yeah!!!! come to papa

Her answer to my question though was ..." TRI MO SHAWARMA....". I know the place. I have on many occasions passed by and bought some for takeout after late night parties. I have never gone there during merienda time though and, I was curious. Besides, we were suppose to visit it months ago so what the heck!

Thinking that traffic wouldn't be that bad and I will be getting a free meal, I nervously said yes. Enough of the driving though as that is another matter.. let's rather talk about the eating!

Yes manong. Please add a loooot of beef!
Upon entering the place, one would really think that you are in a carinderia. It wasn't the most aesthetically  great looking place but I guess the chairs and the table serve their purpose.  I mean, it is a hole in a wall that isn't spacious enough and could only serve around 30-40 customers. When we got there at around 4pm, there were around 2 tables left open. Good thing, we got one of those tables.


Getting in, one would be asked to get a number. Rather than waiting in line and reaching the street, I guess this is a good system. Ordering would be another matter though as everything looks all good. 

The prices are affordable

yes they open at 3pm and closes at 2:30am
 I was actually indecisive and since Ms. J was paying, I asked that she order for me. She got me a beef shawarma with cheese.

beef shawarma with cheese (70Php)
 The beef shawarma with cheese was just wow. I mean I opened it up and saw all the meat inside. There was a lot! The veggies in it were freshly cut and were crunchy! I loved it! The only thing that I could ask them would be to add more cheese.
See all that beef? I think they finish it all in one day
Ms. J with me.. trying not to look as if I was contemplating taking a cab home.
By the time we finished and on our way out, the restaurant was filled with customers. Some of them just eating at a back of a pickup truck and were in their cars. I heard others just contemplating on take-out.

Undeniable, this small restaurant has been the go to place when one is in north of the metro craving for some loving. The setting is quite simple and straight to the point. The people were friendly and it has a neighborhood feel to it. Would I go back? Definitely! Budget around 200 pesos per person. I love it!

 Tri Mo Shawarma Co
Bristol Street, Brgy. Greater Lagro
Quezon City

How to go there? Easy!
Enter Commonwealth ave. from Quezon City Circle,
one would go straight (around 30-40 mins depending on traffic and driver)
Then turn right at Regalado (GOING TO SM FAIRVIEW).
On the first stoplight, turn right. After 30 meters you would pass by an arch or a village gate.
Just go straight. The restaurant is on the right side.

It is the red dot on the top side of this map.

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  1. I want to eat here now!! AS IN NOW!!! :(

    1. Come on over.. I'll treat you to not one not two but 2 1/2 shawarma!!! LOL! hahahaha :D :D :D