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Friday, May 30, 2014

Eeeek! I was going to Cebu in a week! I thought I needed to tone down a little just to prepare for all the food tripping I had planned.. So hello Lunch Box Diet!!!!

I have tried giving this service a go a few months back but they didn't delivery to my house. Luckily, this time around, they now service my part of the metro. For the price of Php 1,700 or Php 340 a day, you get to have 3 meals and a snack to booth. Of course, they deliver this to your house. In case you are in the Tomas Morato area, you could also pick it up at their place just in case you want it earlier.
 The first time I took a look into my goodie package, I was shocked! The amount of food was definitely something I could devour in a single seating. OMG!!! And to think it was already good for the entire day!!!

For  5 days a week, they deliver 1,200 Calorie meal diet per day. Ouchieee!!! The number means a little too much right? Well, you know a little perseverance and a little push it could work.
 One unfortunate incident, just like in any food delivery service, your package might not get to you the way you want to. On a Wednesday morning, I saw two of my three meal containers were damaged. I messaged Lunch Box via Facebook with the attached pictures. They responded with the usual, they would look into it and has apologize for the incident. Afterwards, no feedback. So okay...
 Since they didn't offer to replace it, well... I skipped eating those meals. LOL!!! Why? well there were some parts of the plastic container mixed with the food... so might be a tad dangerous if I still went with it right?
 The rest of the week became more bearable. I guess its because your tummy would adjust and definitely mold into what you would need at the minimum. That and you just keep on drinking liquids to help you not think about HUNGER!!!!  It teaches you the right amount of food you could digest per meal. No over eating allowed!!!

Honestly speaking, having a try at this service is something one could do to at least tone down. The taste of the meals at first isn't that great but as time goes by, you get to savor them. Compliance really depends on the eater as with any diet. For all intents and purposes, this service really delivers on its promise as I find that I lost a few pounds on the first week. Although, they maybe just water and some unwanted stuff, you must always accompany diet with the right exercise and doctor's check up. 

For the price and compared to other diet food services in the metro, this is worth a try.

Needless to say, I gained everything back with my Cebu Food tripping!!! Damn!

Food in the Bag is now in Facebook. Like it here... For updates and what not. 

Lunch Box Diet

0917 809 3196

Disclaimer: Paid for the meals, wrote this based on my experience. I wasn't asked to write about this.
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  1. I'm so tempted to try this but I still can't find schedule for it. hahaha! :)

    1. believe me michy... its epicly hard hahahahahahaha

  2. My boyfriend just told me about this lunchbox diet yesterday and he says that he might also want to subscribe. I'll look forward to your updates to see if it's really effective hehe.

    1. Hey Roch!!!!!!!... argggh uhm.. honestly, just like with any diet, you would need to have perseverance and totally super duper have strength and will power!!! Uhm, its good to give it a try since its quite affordable but you might be a little disappointed as sometimes the tastes well isn't up to your expectation as yes it is diet food!!! At 1200 Kcal / day, its pretty harsh. So, I think that yes its worth a try but still, diet and a good doctor plus some exercise is the way to go... :D :D :D .. diet along just can't cut it :D