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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FRANK and DEAN is a place that hides from the lime light. Located in the BURGOS CIRCLE AREA, you won't be able to notice them unless you are looking for them.

This hidden gem is far from all the ritz and glitz. Once you enter, sounds of the past blast you right where you stand. Old school music from the days of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Current sounds were given old school twists as well.

Up the second floor is a different beast altogether.

The red door to a different place awaits you. THE OCEANS'S ETLEPHONE CO.

One quick peek and you will see a "normal looking" telephone booth from the olden days.

But, knowing that there is a secret door makes it worthwhile. 

 When you enter, this greets you. OCEAN'S TELEPHONE CO.

It's basically a speak easy bar. Or something that they tend to shy away from the general public. The place opens around 7pm and closes till the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, I went there for the food.

You can start of with their RACLETTE GRILLED CHEESE (335Php). Raclette, cheddar, mozzarella, brioche slices and a marinara dip. This baby right here is a great start.

The EGGS BEN on BRIOCHE (360Php) 2 poached eggs smothered with hollandaise sauce and bacon right in the middle.

They also have 12 inch pizzas available to share starting at 11am. One rule that they have is to eat them with your hands. No utensils. Just hands.

Classic choices here would be the Margherita (300Php) and the Pepperoni (399Php). The pizza are thin crusts and premium ingredients were used.

One dish that I enjoyed though was this. The SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN WITH WAFFLES (420Php).
The chicken pieces are deliciously made with their original breading. Gravy is homemade and served. The waffles on the other hand are perfectly cooked. Each bite is crispy and the addition of their syrup is amazing.

If a meal is not your thing, they also offer coffee and some decent sweet snacks.

You can be sure of their coffee as they source it from Yardstick. Most of the desserts are third party though but are worth it. The chocolate covered potato chips are a must. It reminded me of royce but then again, this is locally made and it still packs a punch. I liked the mix of sweet and salty as it is a perfect play on the flavors.

FRANK AND DEAN is the place to go if you want to hungout for coffee or cocktails. You get decent grub and the place isn't that crowded too much during weekdays. Their speak easy bar of OCEAN'S TELEPHONE CO is a cool hangout after a day's work.


Burgos Cirlce.
Near Mcdo, Ucc and J.Co
BGC, Taguig City, Metro Manila
P.S. NO wifi here. =D

Disclaimer: was invited to try the place out. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. You are right, I wouldn't even know about this place until you made this post. Downstairs it kinda looks like Toby Estate in Makati. I like the telephone room, so cool! The chocolate potato chips makes me curious, I've never tried one before.

    1. Weeee!!! You should try it out!! I mean... Their version is more affordable compared to the imported ones but .. Taste is almost the same,,, see you soon dear

  2. The Chocolate Potato Chips! OMG!!!!! Did you like their Eggs Ben?

    1. Yes the choco potato chips.. Hihihi... Eggs ben? It was okay

  3. That red door is very unique and genius! i mean, when you step in to that door, you're like "whoaaa a bar!" hahaha.

  4. Yes... steve.. a little surprise for everyone. LOL

  5. Oh wow, are those telephones actually working (have a dial tone) or just for deco? They look pretty good to live up to the name of the restaurant. :) The Raclette Grilled Cheese is something that I'm craving for. Grilledd cheese bread that tastes so cheesy is <3! The chocolate covered potato chips also look so good. Pwedeng pang-take out as snacks at home. :)

  6. The telephones are only for deco dear.. Hihihi what I really liked was the potato chip covered with chocolate something I would love as a snack

  7. can they do reservation for both café and/or bar?

  8. HI .... !!!! uhm i dont think you really need to reserve.... But the bar might be packed during peak times like "clubbing hour" hihihi ^_^

  9. i don't think Ocean's Telephone Co. can be considered a "speak easy"... considering the crowd and the bartender... it's just a standard bar...

    1. I think you might be right there.... it's more of a "hidden bar " I guess... I think they tried doing it at the start but.. changed it and adapted it to the local bar scene.