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Thursday, June 16, 2016

 With the media mileage the new burger from Mcdonald's is getting, I wondered how was it. What make's it different? Is it something new?
According to Mcdonald's, preferences mature over time. For them, it is time to grow. The burger in itself is not really new but rather improved making it better. 
One afternoon, I was able to try the new burger from Mcdonald's.
From the outside, nothing visually changed. Same wrapper and same size. Once I opened it up, secret sauce was everywhere and a slightly thicker burger patty.
 Then I went for it. One bite and I felt that it was a little meatier compared to before. The secret sauce was somewhat a little bit sweeter. The bun was soft and it was okay. For me, the changes were  aimed towards satisfying the Filipino taste buds. For something that costs 55Php with a drink, I guess it's not so bad. Perfect for a quickie. How was your new burger Mcdo experience?


Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. The food was delivered to my house care of Mcdo. The 1st photo is not mine.
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