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Thursday, June 16, 2016

An impressive dinner need not be partnered with wine. BUT on the off chance that it did, you would be in for a treat. One night in VASK, a dinner was held in celebration of NEDERBURG WINE.
NEDERBURG WINE which originated from SOUTH AFRICA, is pretty much simple and straightforward. It wants to elevate your senses and thus enjoy your meal with each sip. From what I experienced, wine is there to make the flavors of the dishes more delicious and pronounce. It's like your taste buds wakes up and tells you how wonderful each bite is.
Located in a quiet part of BGC, GALLERY VASK has been named as one of the best restaurants in ASIA. Ranked 39th, GALLERY VASK has been making the headlines ever since it opened its doors. That night though, the dinner was held in the events room of VASK. Granted that VASK is actually divided into different parts and restaurants, having CHEF LUIS GONZALEZ on its helm makes any dinner wonderfully lustful and delicious. Honestly, I'm a little confused when it comes to the divisions. From what I understand, GALLERY VASK is the fine dining part of VASK, while VASK MANILA is your Tapas Casual dining place and you even have the outside area and another room perfect for functions and get together.
Anyway, to start off the night, Pass Around Cocktails were served.
The TUNA BURGERS looked delicious except that it might be a little bit too heavy to start a long meal. Rather, I went for the COCHINILLO TACOS and PULPO a la GALLEGA.
The tacos were as what I would expect. Light but executed well. The Mango salsa worked with the chopped spiced suckling pig. On the other hand, the PULPO was an amazing surprise. Once you open the small jar, smoke comes out. It maybe just for effects but the octopus works pretty well with the olive oil and the paprika.

My top choice though would be the ROAST BEEF and ESCALIVADA PINTXOS. Basic and simple. Roast beef placed on top of bread with baked vegetables.

As everyone settled down, a plate of appetizers were placed in front of everyone. Partnered with NEDERBURG WINEMASTERS CHARDONNAY 2015, I can't help but taste the dish and give out a little bit of oh and ah. The citrus flavor of the wine worked.

The crispy oysters on the left had a little kick as it has spicy paprika mayo and cillantro. The Albondigas de Pescado on the right, is a home made fish ball. Each bite and you taste and feel the fish. My favorite though would have to be the FOIE GRAS on MANGO TOAST in the middle. Foie gras was masterfully cooked and turned into a mousse. The mango's sweetness works well with the buttery feel of the foie gras. Delicious. One bite is not enough.

For the next courses, NEDERBURG WINEMASTERS PINOTAGE 2014 was poured. A South African variant, the pinotage was first bred with a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. Perfect for red meat, this red goes well with dishes served.
A thinly sliced WAGYU BEEF CARPACCIO was then brought in front of us. To appreciate the wine and the dish, have a sip then get a portion of the beef with a different element. The pine nuts with the beef first then mix it up with the Parmesan ice cream.

The next dish was the 62 degree Eggs & Foie Gras. The foie gras is buttery and the egg cooked wonderfully. Runny as it could ever be, the yolk made the dish thicker and perfect with the red.

To clean the palate, mango sorbet was served.
After the intermission, NEDERBURG ANCHORMAN'S CHENIN BLANC 2015 was prepared. This white would be my favorite from the night. One whiff and I could smell floral hints partnered with apricots. One sip and I enjoyed the natural sweetness from the grapes.

Perfect with seafood, this was partnered with MUD CRAB CURRY. Fresh curry leaves, coconut milk tumeric and basmati rice.

A simple looking dish but it packs a punch. The curry was a little spicy as it should be. The crabs absorbed the flavors and it was perfect. One of the best dish of the night.

For the next course, the Brewmaster's Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 was served. For me, this red wine was a little too dry. Although, it was perfectly matched with the TENDERLOIN and ROOTS. Grilled Australian O Connor Tenderloin was served with beetroot, ginger confit and cilantro root. I rarely eat beetroot because of the earthy taste but in this dish, the sweetness popped out. The earthy flavor just wasn't there. Amazing.
Signaling the dessert course, the NEDERBURG NOBLE LATE HARVEST 2012 was poured all around. This wine basically is a sweet on sweet version. A little bit too sweet for my taste but it worked well with the dessert.
A deconstructed carrot cake was served then. It had compressed strawberry, toffee mousse, goat milk ice cream and walnuts.
The cheese platter though was the best partner for this sweet dessert wine. Manchego, Idiazabal, and truffle cow.
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During the entire evening, NEDERBURG'S CELLAR MASTER, ANDREA FREEBOROUGH was there to explain each and every drink. She admits that she has a bit of jet lagged but it was perfect for wine. For her, "NEDERBURG is a very long established name in wine with an extraordinary lineage. From here, you'll discover an appetite for its innovation backed by very rigorous disciplines. " I can't help but agree with her. The meal was excellent but the wine was divine.

Get an Anchorman. Although not yet available in the market, it is pretty good.

Sunday Brunch at VASK

5th Floor Clipp Center
11th Avenue cor 39th., BGC,
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.
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